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Important trifles . A cap for pro-spirits.

the Most important elements of ensuring good ventilation of a socle are ventilating pro-spirits (ventilating windows) which have to be located on all perimeter of the base.

Pro-spirits at a stage of construction of the base are put. For this purpose when filling concrete in a timbering at about 50 - 70 cm from the earth stack, for example, pieces of a bar length equal to base width. After the base will finally stiffen, inserts from a bar beat out and in the base openings of the correct rectangular shape - those pro-spirits turn out.

When calculating amount of pro-spirits are important character of soil on which the house, the base zalozheniye depth, the direction of the dominating winds in this district, and also value of average annual differences of temperatures is under construction. Usually provide 1 pro-spirit on 3 m of the base.

If the house is located in the lowland, then it is necessary to increase amount of pro-spirits. But the main thing - should be provided in the organizations of system of pro-spirits that the underground room was aired from all four parties. A frequent mistake - absence of pro-spirits in the tape of a socle passing under partitions that leads to education not aired dead zones .

Not to allow in fell undesirable guests: mice, cats and other animals, it is necessary to establish protecting lattices on pro-spirits. For this purpose it is possible to take a brass grid with cells about 1 × 1 cm and to make of it trellised inserts for pro-spirits. It is necessary to cut out scissors on preparation metal from a grid, corresponding to the extent of pro-spirits with a stock approximately on 2 - 3 cm on each side, to bend these allowances and the received lattices to insert into pro-spirits.

Lattices from a brass grid look beautifully, have an appearance semi-antique and, besides, do not rust. They perfectly carry out the function in the summer: through frequent cells there is an airing of a subfloor, and the size of a cell does not allow to make the way in fell even to a little mouse.

In a cold season of a lattice clean, and pro-spirits close caps which have to adjoin densely to walls of openings in the base, not inflate during the winter from dampness, it is convenient to be inserted in the fall, it is easy to be taken out in the spring and not to spoil appearance of the house.

We made such caps of the bar remains. The sawn-off pieces about 40 cm long wrapped up a heater and by means of the stapler reliably fixed it. It was made in order that caps densely sat in pro-spirits and at the same time provided air circulation and in the winter. From the face attached decorative panels from a block house with the handles beaten to them that it was convenient to pull out caps in the spring to caps.