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There is no money, and it became sad? The lunar recipe from melancholy of

When in pockets it is empty, and at heart it is nasty, the main thing - to have something that will help to endure this period. Everyone has to have on this case the float which will not allow to drown in grief and despondency. Let`s take, for example, a lunar calendar.

By all means you will find the recipe from melancholy in its simple recommendations. The calendar is so available and so just explains the reasons of our state and mood! And to make the right diagnosis is a way to fast recovery.

Having come to work, at once understood that you hate all. The chief from a threshold with claims. Ksyukh with a clever face - like came also like already all in work earlier. You feel what begins to tear feeling of own importance from within (yes that they without me can!) and furious rage.

And here to remember the main thing about this stick - a lifesaver. Pretending that you look for the necessary document, fast you find what day in a lunar calendar today:

26 lunar . A symbol of day - the Toad, the Bog. Traps false seduction by own achievements. It is not necessary to fuss, stir superfluous, to show vanity and arrogance...

A, here from where it is false seduction ?! Quietly, sha, hid! Presented itself a stone on the road and you observe life.

And Ksyukh, she the good fellow (though the calendar ignores, but it is visible intuitively feels), was killed into the corner, works.

Those who this day praise you that forces to be deceived in himself. Forgive better and accept the person who will curse

Means, the chief - the good person, God grant to it health!

And all! Without fussing, silently as the Moon recommends, you do the work. From concentration you do not notice how the working day passed and as exceeded all plans.

For certain there is a lot of them, these lunar calendars, but you, I hope, as well as me, successful got? Here you will not find councils of the " type; flood neighbors below with the floor or give in the morning to darling in an eye for the fact that did not sleep . Recommendations are all efficient, constructive and not to the detriment to neither you, nor people around.

Lunar calendar always near at hand. One in a desktop, the second houses near a toilet roll. In the morning you look, and there:

Today 21 - y lunar day, favorably to go on a mowed grass it is good to be on wind, to bathe in cold water

I here someone another, not you, go by a lawn and does not notice behind chatter or in a hurry that it in general is also that slanted. And you, having obtained the necessary information in the morning and having postponed it somewhere there, in a yacheechka, you will not slip by any more, you will notice, you will stop, you will be undressed, will be trampled on a damp, odorous new-mown grass. Pleasures the sea, and again - additional energy.

And if, suppose, snow and so unpleasant wind in a face. Not you, but someone another, all will be wrinkled, will shrink, with discontentedly pursed lips will begin to bustle to the car. And you, joyfully set up the person to wind, are loaded with its energy Huo - ro - sho!!!

And so on every day everything to you is painted: when to load a stomach and with friends of wine to drink; when to popostitsya and to keep the mouth shut. There are days when it is only necessary to think about good as everything comes true. And is also such when to lie-! How many mistakes the mankind could avoid if though these days all-...

But the smartest is first lunar . The day before, having summed up the results of the last month, you sit down or lay down to dream. Who does not like to dream, plans to build?!

And what you will dream of if, for example, only returned from round to Egypt with cheerful impressions and photos, with a new smart, but empty purse and with any unreal debt. What you will dream of?

Of course, about Paris. Right there you change prompt on a desktop: pyramids on the Eiffel Tower... You turn on Francis`s music Lea or Alize`s disk. You download the movie Amelie . From the dusty shelf you get the guide to Louvre; F. S. Fitzgerald`s three-volume edition and The Holiday which is always with you E. Hemingway.

when in Paris you starve, getting hungry especially strongly because in show-windows of all bakeries various tasty things are exposed, and people eat behind little tables directly on the sidewalk, and you see food and inhale its smell

I it too. Hemingway, the fan to sit at good restaurant, a good judge of wine and able to indulge himself. At it it was quite often empty in a pocket too.

And if today at the sight of desired things or vkusnyashka at you the mood falls even more, then you can adhere to recommendations of the master. Choose the place for walks far away from smart show-windows and decent expensive coffee houses.

We just did not consider ourselves as the poor. We just did not wish to be reconciled with this thought. We ranked ourselves as the elite, and those on whom we looked down and to whom with good reason did not trust were rich (E. Hemingway)

But if it inspires you, then you can stare at of what you dream, on the contrary, more often. And if in the first lunar day you competently dream, then the fancies created by you have chance to be realized.

By means of music, books, movies, thoughts you are able to attract France in the life. Arrange yourself the present French period.

Or as to you such fancy: you walk on the board embankment of Deauville?! It is all a couple of hours from Paris on the express. You meet Catherine Deneuve walking diamonds there. You turn on the beach on which heroes of the movie of Lelush " ran; Man and woman

And then in cozy and warm cafe, having extended tired legs, you enjoy tartaty (apple pie) with cider (young sparkling apple wine); you try a Calvados (intoxicated drink from the refermenting apple juice) with camembert cheese

You can imagine yourself when necessary, anywhere and with anyone. And nobody will be able to take away it from you.

To lap in waves of the Mediterranean Sea to sprawl under beams of the warm and tender sun having embraced the most desired man, to look at how sparks of night Paris as the sun gradually die away rises

We well and cheap ate, well and cheap drank and well slept, and to us was warm together, and we loved each other . (E. Hemingway, Holiday, which )

But, perhaps, you see now absolutely other pictures, and in your life neither the French, nor the Norman period, but Swiss begins, for example?!

Perhaps you dream to enjoy aroma of a hot citrus in an orange grove on Ibiza or the Argentina music and a view of falls Buenos - Ayresa?

Or perhaps to go down on Andreevsky descent of Kiev and to admire surprising works local a miracle - masters and great inventors?!

I will not disturb.

The dream is an interesting game and very useful. Believe, it will decorate your life.

Also accumulate, expensive, forces. The day intended for dreams and formation of creative plans and plans , will end soon. Also there will come following - for realization of all that is conceived.

Work is good the fact that it distracts from sad thoughts, and that real money pays for it. And already from the following salary it is possible to lay off 10% in an envelope with the inscription to Paris or to Buenos - Ayres .

Use the period of a lack of money for creativity. The one who works and has satisfaction from work is not afflicted by need . (E. Hemingway)

I trust in any such pieces as astrology if it helps you to get out of bad mood. But without fanaticism and without losing sense of humour.

And sincerely believe that the most improbable dreams come true! It is only necessary to have patience .

P. S. And if it seemed to you that it is history not about you, and you did not lower money in Egypt, and do not even think of Paris, then know that you have all about - very much is started .

Do not think of money, their absence - a temporary phenomenon. Glance in the Lunar calendar, designate good days for travel, and begin to collect by a traveling bag.