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Why we cry?

the Type of the crying woman will surprise nobody, to the woman to the person to be weak. But why the woman, and whether always her tears - weakness cries? We cry in the mountain and in pleasure, at a meeting and separation, in the heat of family quarrel, with affection and indignation, for fear and for powerlessness, in the fulness of the heart and with their shortcoming...

Female tears can be very different - a thaw the Nature - mother cries, the first love the nymphet cries, not bought doll the little girl sobs, alarm eyes of mother who saw off the son in army flowed out, the bride at own wedding cries with a surplus of feelings, - female tears can be same different - what can be only the woman.

Sometimes the tear is that necessary akqa vita which gives strength to live further - simply to live, breathe air, to be surprised and smile, play and to ignore, hear and seem.

Tears, crying as a way of communication with the world

Crying is the very first way of communication. For the small child - it is the only way to report to people around about the requirements, to declare on all huge world. Mother of the two-month kid with ease distinguishes hungry, angry, dissatisfied, scared, invocatory and others important crying . Tears flow on chubby cheeks, and the little crybaby to study communication. There will pass not enough time, and babies will begin to cry for the first offenses and disappointments. Perhaps, the person will nevermore cry so much how many he cried in the childhood, however childhood memories - as a rule, too the happiest...

Tears in education stereotypes

Do not cry, you are a boy - mother says to the two-year-old peanut who just was it is offended the charming girlfriend on a sandbox. Since small years society inspires in boys unacceptability of tears. Growing, they cry seldom. But here what is told by statistics: men of middle age in five - six times more often than women, suffer from stressogenny diseases. By scientists it is established that the person not capable to cry (the medicine calls it illness of dry eyes ) suffers from eye and skin diseases, has even slight stresses much heavier, it raised salivation and sweating.

Than child...

of the Tear - it is good or bad? Psychologists consider that crying is a form of emotional protection which allows to release mentality from negative, sometimes destructive influences of external environment. That is, tears serve as a such catharsis, a peculiar clarification. But though ancient Greeks have a catharsis and was collective, it is better to cry alone. It is known that - Moscow does not trust tears, - crying - not the best assistant on the way to success. Crying at unsuccessful negotiations business - the lady sobbing over the unsellable cloths the artist, the bellowing contestant - will cause only a share of bewilderment and subconscious rejection in involuntary witnesses such small weakness .

When you should not cry

Welcome, the heaviest tears are tears of a grief. The illness, death of the loved one are capable to break each of us. It`s no use to cry over spilled milk - popular wisdom says, however tears give the chance to splash out the bitterness, to show negative emotions. Cry, it will become easier - with understanding we speak each other.

But there are situations in which tears can become only a hindrance. Mother Sashenki Bondareva tells. At it 2 - x the summer boy the sharp leukosis developed, only operation on a bone marrow transplantation could rescue the child. Parents in 2 months needed to collect several thousands of dollars. Gathering for reception to the man - the politician or the businessman on whom life of your child depends, it is necessary to put on, as on the first appointment and even better. It is impossible to cry at all! (Any) it is much more pleasant to man to help the beautiful and sure woman, than the unfortunate sobbing sufferer. It is necessary briefly and accurately in several phrases to state the request, and to support each word documentary. It is difficult, but it is necessary .

As it is correct to cry Slezootdeleniye`s

is an important physiological process. Healthy eyes are always slightly moistened, tears wash out them, maintain purity. The structure of a tear, besides water and salt, includes natural antibacterial substances which protect eyes from infections. Easy humidity of eyes is one of indicators of their health. It appears, even in such emotional process as crying, there are rules which, according to experts, need to be observed. It is not necessary to cry in a pillow to close or rub hands - differently a headache, the swelled person and red eyes you will not manage to avoid an eye. It is the best of all to give vent to feelings alone, sitting or standing, and then to wash a face cool water. To remove the hypostasis which developed near eyes it is possible to put on them a cool compress.