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How it is correct to choose and buy olive oil?

Olive oil are very useful for health. It is rich with vitamin E and natural antioxidants. This oil of long-livers.

Not all know how it is correct to choose and buy olive oil. Let`s try to understand.

First of all study a bottle and a label. Where oil was made and poured on bottles? Production and pouring have to be from the same country. It is a quality assurance. If, for example, oil was made in Brazil, and poured on bottles in Uryupinsk, it is better to avoid such product.

On a label has to be specified who made and poured oil on bottles. If there is information only on the producer or only about firm on packing of goods, so pouring was not made in place of production and quality of oil raises doubts.

Unlike wine, olive oil does not become better over time, and on the contrary, loses the qualities. Therefore it is necessary to buy recently made oil.

Tara in whom oil is poured has to be hermetically closed and not pass a sunlight. It is the best of all to buy oil in the darkened bottles. The sunlight accelerates oxidation process that spoils quality and taste of olive oil.

Determination of acidity - the important parameter of an assessment of quality of olive oil. Acidity has nothing in common with intensity of taste. Olive oil of excellent quality has low acidity and pleasant taste. Acidity percent - the chemical parameter which measures amount of free fatty acids of oil.

its taste, aroma and quality do not determine By color of olive oil. Color depends on type and ripeness of olives of which oil was made. For example, oil with a greenish shade is wrung out from even unripe, green fruits whereas oil with a golden shade is made from ripe olives. Besides, most often olive oil is a mix of the oils which are squeezed out of olives of different degree of a maturity.

In the choice of olive oil it is important to span to be guided by own taste and mission of oil. For example, oil for cooking, seasoning of soups or frying has to differ from oil which is used in the cold sauces and salads which are not subject to thermal treatment. For preparation of hot dishes it is accepted to use mix of the refined and not refined olive oils. Not refined olive oil best of all will be suitable for cold dishes and addition in already cooked food.

Each type of olive oil has the unique qualities, but it does not mean that one is better or worse than another. To find the ideal olive oil it is necessary to try, to experiment, look for, choose among producers and brands.

Olive oil with a deposit, opaque - result of a smaller filtration, but it does not mean that it bad quality or is worse than transparent oil. The deposit is parts of olives which were not filtered.

the Refined olive oils which are made with use of chemical substances, mixes of olive oil with other vegetable oils - products of poor quality.

do not trust olive oil of unknown firm with low price, imported from the countries where olives do not grow. Good olive oil cannot be cheap.

It is necessary to Store olive oil in the cool dark place, but not in the refrigerator. You do not hold olive oil near a plate.

Remember that this product loses quality over time therefore you do not store " oil; for emergency .