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What hairdresses now in fashion?

of the Hairdress with a pile are actual this summer again. And the pile can be the most different. It can be high laying in style 80 - x with smooth temples, or high hairdresses with evenly distributed volume of hair and - la 60 - e, there can be also hairdresses - shocks from a long flowing hair.

Hairdresses with a pile and an open forehead in a retro - style are also very popular. At the same time the combed hair can be raised upward completely or to fix only the top part on a nape, and lower to dismiss in an artistic mess.

That the hairdress with a pile looked beautifully, it is necessary to do a pile correctly. For this purpose the washed-up hair need to be dried slightly the hair dryer, raising at roots for creation of volume, then to apply mousse and to braid the small thickness of a braid. Braids need to be dried up the hair dryer, and then to do a pile. The ready pile needs to be recorded hairspray. If the hairdress with a pile is supposed smooth, then it is necessary to smooth locks at once, the varnish did not dry yet.

Braids in this season became extremely popular. This fashion came from podiums where very many fashion designers presented the models in romantic images with braids of the most different options of weaving.

The braid really gives to an image feminity and romanticism. At the same time, having braided a braid it is possible to look both it is touching, and it is a little playful. Options of weaving of a braid there is a set. It both the French braid, and a cone, and a semi-cone, and a braid on - Swiss, and orientally, and also a braid harvest and heart and still set of other options. So safely braid braids if you want to be fashionable. It is good if it turns out to make it various pleteniye. It is possible to make one, two and even three braids, and also to put them in intricate baskets letting out locks - all this is very fashionable.

Hairdress horse tail it is very popular in this season. And such hairdress is rather universal. It can be made also on a party or other festive event, but also it will be suitable also for everyday life, for example, for a campaign in a gym. Convenience of such hairdress consists also that not only owners of smart long hair are able to afford it. It perfectly looks also on hair of average length. One more plus of this fashionable hairdress is speed of its creation.

Hairdress horse tail can have several variations. It can be classical horse tail on the top which will be suitable as for work, and issue. It is possible to make high, hard horse tail which will also be suitable for any cases. Very high horse tail can make younger. As option, horse tail can be not high, on one side.

Fashionable jewelry for hair 2010 is, first of all, hairpins, elastic bands for hair and, of course, rims. At the choice of stylish ornament for your hairdress first of all it is necessary to be guided by the style. If you prefer, for example, an official style, then with a bright flower it is better to refuse a rim in favor of a strict hairpin or an elastic band for hair.

In this season in fashion flower subject therefore in general flower motives are welcomed this summer. It is possible to choose a hairpin or a rim with the beautiful flower decorated with pastes and stones it is possible to give preference to textile jewelry for hair. Choose what is pleasant to you, well and, of course, approaches your image.