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How the word influences our life?

there was an important day Today. The trainer of the youthful national team came to school to select capable children for professional sport.

For that time at the physical education teacher Evgeny Ivanovich and Vitalik from 5 And a class there were very cordial relations. Several months ago at Vitaly the father, and mother died in road accident, becoming exhausted, lifted up the son. Evgeny Ivanovich supported the boy, acquainted him with active sports activities and somehow imperceptibly replaced to him the father. Vitalik trusted Evgeny Ivanovich unconditionally. Till today

It is very much perspective the boy - Evgeny Ivanovich told, showing Vitalik to the trainer of the national team. Right there in the opinion of the pupil some intolerable pain developed, he began to cry and ran out from the hall. Nobody understood what occurred.

Next day when Evgeny Ivanovich, having entered trainer`s, saw that there everything costs upside down. Urgently cause militia! - demanded the director of studies of school. But the teacher understood who was the cause of a disorder.

What happened? Why you arranged disorder in trainer`s? - the wondering teacher of the sobbing Vitalik asked. Do not dare to talk to me so! All of you lie! I want to the father! - weepingly the boy shouted. Why? What I to you made?! - Evgeny Ivanovich tried to learn. You are called! You called me a per - a per - perspective stammering, Vitaly uttered, and began to cry even stronger. Here what is the matter?! - the trainer understood. He explained to the pupil a word meaning perspective and in a minute in their relations the world set in. Then the teacher thought of what important role is played by words, to be exact - understanding of words in life of people. Not for nothing say that it is possible to kill with the word the person.

If we look at life of the child who owing to age and experience not always understands sense of the words pronounced around it, then we will see that small murders occur every day.

Dialogue from life sounds as a joke:

- Conscience - it is good or bad?

- is bad!

- Why?

- When the father beats me, always speaks have conscience! What in it good? It is sick!

What will happen in the future with this child? Whether we will meet him in several years in the dark lane with the bad company only because nobody guessed in time to sort with it such concepts as conscience advantage honesty . Ponder: as it is possible to become decent if you do not even know, what is it?

Destructive consequences of misunderstanding of words were found by the American scientist Ron Hubbard in the middle of the last century. He spoke: ... you attract to the own harm troubles at that very moment as soon as you pass one word which value you do not know in the offer. The unique unknown term passed by you can absolutely destroy your understanding of all studied subject .

For example, the child in the first class reads a task: next Wednesday Mischa planned to buy a stationery: handle, ruler, notebook and further there is an indication of the price of each subject. It is necessary to learn, how much is all purchase. The child cannot solve a problem. You think, it is difficult to it to put several numbers? It became clear that he does not understand the words the next and planned . Of course, stationery also were for it double-Dutch . After analysis of these four words according to the usual explanatory dictionary the child right there issued the correct answer. It inability to mathematics disappeared!

But usually in life of history come to an end not so. Having met a task which the pupil cannot solve, he is upset and thinks that something not so with him, it is incapable. Then one more such task, and still At heart it is opposite, there is no wish even to think of study.

The avalanche of misunderstanding falls upon the child at school from the very first day. Later we see the ornamented school desks and it is already incredibly difficult to us to force the child to read though some book. And here you are told that your child has not a mathematical mentality or at it congenital illiteracy or that it hyperactive or that it we do not train Here it is possible to try to arrive in the different ways: to give a tablet, not to let out on walks, to forbid to communicate with friends But whether will help to understand this how to count the area of the room?

You can help the children to cope with difficulties in training. For this purpose it is not necessary to force them to sit quietly or to re-read the page several times. Take the dictionary and sort value of each word. And you will see how the understanding comes and the desire to study comes back. Sometimes it is insufficiently simple to read definition in the dictionary. Then the technology of training and technology of clearing of words developed by Ron Hubbard will help. It is possible to learn about them more in the centers of Applied Education.

Maria Shibina

Teacher, director of Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization

Applied Formation of the CIS

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