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What is Brashbord?

Brashbord are the board intended for driving on asphalt or other firm surfaces. Externally has much in common with other wheel boards: skateboard, mountainboard, freeboard and other boards . An obligatory flat sound board on which go standing, back and forward wheels. Here difference of a brashbord from other types of boards also consists in wheels. Especially for a brashbord not just new wheel, but the whole class of wheels - shchetinisty wheels was developed. brashbord receives all the special qualities from shchetinisty wheels.

What are shchetinisty wheels? As it is specified in the patent - the running surface (rim) of a wheel is formed by elastic extended elements - shchetinka. The closest analog of a shchetinisty wheel - a brush of a sweeper-collector or the painting roller. Therefore properties of a wheel are double: on the one hand this usual wheel which in the same way slides on the road as well as all other wheels on the other hand shchetinisty wheels has properties inaccessible to usual.

The Shchetinisty wheel is able to slide directly and to slide sideways. Remember how the car on ice and what this movement differs from the movement of the car on dry asphalt in behaves? The Shchetinisty wheel behaves on asphalt as the usual wheel behaves on ice. For simple transport it is minus, and here for the sports device it is big plus. Why? All wheel boards, anyway, try to imitate sliding of a snowboard. what only inventors did not think out in this direction! Both additional wheels, and special fastenings of a wheel, and various forms of wheels. Invariable was one - in all options there were always usual, firm wheels. And the usual firm wheel is able to slide and is not able to slide. Here, for example, if to fill in all route with oil - then it is possible to ride usual slippery wheels.

The second remarkable quality of a shchetinisty wheel - softness of the course. Let`s remember the car again. Softness of the course in it is provided with shock-absorbers. Shchetinka is just the same shock-absorber, here only them on one wheel to one and a half thousand. On two wheels of a board - nearly three thousand small shock-absorbers. At arrival on a small obstacle a wheel fits it. Only those shchetinka which directly concern a stone or a crack work, the others behave indifferently. For this reason the board overcomes small obstacles much easier.

One more advantage - stability. Management of a brashbord skeytopodobny here only the sound board does not bend. For turn in the same way it is necessary to move body weight to the region of a board, but the sound board remains is parallel to the earth. For this reason to begin to ride a brashborda much more simply, than other boards.

There are also other remarkable qualities: ease and simplicity of the board, a towage vomozhnost behind anything, a possibility of a board to brake without resorting to a kantovaniye etc. But the most important is a sliding, smoothness of the course and stability. These are three whales on whom the main consumer quality of a board - availability lies. Even if you never stood on a snowboard or a skateboard, then in one or one and a half hours will be able already to go down from rather serious hill without any danger to your health.