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What points now in fashion?

It is known that the real women of fashion, first of all, pay attention to accessories. Besides a handbag and shoes in a new fashionable season it is necessary not to forget about sunglasses.

And not only because to the veseena - the summer sun will stick together eyes and prevents to move freely. Victoria Beckham convinced all long ago that points are also important for creation of an image as new jeans and footwear. What was prepared for us by fashionable designers in a new season?

The more - the better

you think that last summer points were too big? You are mistaken. In the come season sunglasses became even more. And, apparently, it is not a limit. It seems that soon designers will be guided by a reason more - means better .

So points in a sex of the person - quite everyday occurrence which waits for us in sunny days. Of course, not everyone to be solved on so extravagant accessory. Not each woman of fashion to decide to walk up and down on streets wearing spectacles, without being afraid to resemble a dragonfly or a fly.

Well to do, you will not be everything and to everyone to explain what it is fashionable? But designers advise not to be afraid of prejudices and to safely put on leggings, to take varnish bags in hand and to hide eyes under big points.

A solar circle

As for fashionable forms, it is unambiguous on the first place a circle. The round points similar on doctor`s, just what the doctor registered. Besides rounded shapes, it is possible to allocate points in shape cat`s eye wing of a butterfly and even hearts. For fans of geometry - rectangular and square points.

Look adequately, very stylishly and elegantly.

From last season into this were passed by sport glasses with smooth lines - so if you do not want radicalism, and prefer quiet daily style, then can quite choose sports options.

A color scheme

As always, color of glasses plays not the last role in creation of fashionable image.

Favourites of a season - gray, brown, colors of a turtle armor, or just darkened lenses. The special chic will be given you by the dark glasses which are smoothly passing into lighter shades. As for frames - that colors can be the most different.

In fashion contrast.

For example, the white frame with dark glasses looks very effectively this spring and in the summer. And the combination white - black as one of the most stylish works also in case of points. Look, for example, at Paris Hilton, she got points in a white frame long ago.

A worthy frame

the Spectacle frame has to adjoin densely - here one of the main tendencies of new collections. Designers derive inspiration from far 50 - 60 so try to dream up on a retro. Designers paid much attention to plastic frames.

Spotty plastic frames so points absolutely optional have to be monophonic were noticed. Some kukolnost of an image and a game element in clothes and selection of accessories is welcomed.

For elegant and reserved persons - metal frames. The emphasis in such finishing is placed on a combination of materials and flowers, a combination of an esthetics and functionality. The logo of a famous brand remains the main decoration of sunglasses: sun loves brands.

Therefore to the image of logos of the company treat with all responsibility, decorating them with pastes or doing an engraving by the laser. And the fashion on openwork earhooks captured practically all designers.