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How to become the massage therapist? 10 advice to beginners of this profession.

the Profession the massage therapist is very demanded presently. Train in this profession on special courses of massage. Training lasts about 3 - x months and costs 300 - 400 dollars.

This profession is very difficult, but will make in the long term for you considerable profit. In this sphere there are two branchings:

esthetic direction

manual direction of massage. What they differ in

? the Aesthetic massage branch is directed to

by a bigger measure to SPA - ceremonies and rituals. This type of massage treats soul, than a body more. There is very large number of schools of esthetic massage. Here both Ayurveda, and Japanese tea ceremony.

Manual massage is directed to treatment or elimination of problems with cellulitis in buttocks and a stomach, correction of a figure, a cosmetic face lifting.

In what direction to go, the massage therapist on the beginning of the professional activity chooses.

Esthetic massage will bring big earnings in the future, and it will be difficult to you to find clients in a beginning of the career. In manual massage of problems with clients should not be. The correcting or medical massage is necessary for all women and girls, and at times and men.

There is one more branch - medical massage, but experts of this direction work generally in hospitals and clinics. Problems with which this type of experts deals are different diseases of internals, skin, oporno - the motive device.

For the beginning massage therapist will be useful to learn some bases and the principles of a profession.

the Given councils will help you to begin career and to become the effective massage therapist.

10 advice to the beginning massage therapist:

1) begin Each morning with charging and an extension.

2) Accustom themselves to drink tea with ginger, it very much tones up and gives force.

3) Begin to eat correctly and steadily.

4) Buy an expander and begin to swing every day brush muscles, these muscles in this profession are very important.

5) Begin to run in the mornings, it will increase the general muscular tone of your organism and will improve mood.

6) you Study at professionals. You descend on a massage session to the skilled massage therapist.

7) Study flexibility of fingers of a brush bending - extension of each phalanx of each finger.

8) Study the theory - a body structure, an arrangement of the main muscles, the main massage receptions and technicians.

9) Begin to do free sessions to the family, friends or acquaintances. Ask their opinions on your massage.

10) Finish the state courses of massage and gain the diploma.

After implementation of all ten points you can safely begin to take payment for the services. If you the good expert, then rumors about you are spread very quickly. Over time you will have the circle of regular customers. You can work at the initial stage of career in beauty shop as the regular massage therapist for a small payment. It will give you experience and new acquaintances. Consider only that to draw clients of salon to themselves not ethically, sometimes such actions lead to sanctions from salon. Do not risk better and do everything gradually. Also remember, do not go to the sphere of massage only from - for money, go on calling!