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Farewell The First of May! It is already difficult to call

First of May such, once a habitual name: International Workers` Day . It is also difficult to tell, for example, what marks out him all progressive mankind . Real progress of a civilization washed away former concepts about progressiveness, made rather ephemeral the concept workers also undermined once the solidarity of those which is annually fed by billions of rubles who this name officially was called.

All this gives us the chance freely, having shaken off ashes of the pressing and urging on ideologies from our legs, to consider the theory which, according to their statements, was taken as a basis by builders bright future .

And if to consider it it is discharged, without connecting with cruelty voplotitel it is possible to recognize that idea of equal and equitable distribution of products of work - the idea called usually socialist - most corresponds to an ideal of society of justice.

The most serious objections against similar distribution: it takes away from the person a possibility of self-realization, an opportunity to receive honors and signs of attention necessary for everyone from society, cancels natural aspiration to a competitive spirit. Besides, those who are capable in the society of a personal initiative to enjoy from the abilities to do business and to create the capital will suffer. And in general, as equal can be fair ?

If to look more deeply, all listed requirements have especially psychological character: all riches, money and property are necessary to their owners for anything another, as for feeling of confidence and the ponderability in the opinion of people around. And any public way will never cancel either opportunities of self-realization, or honor and respect. Therefore it is impossible to recognize these objections serious.

The person - a being social and therefore his full formation and development cannot be estimated only from the point of view of individual development. Developed it is possible to call the person only on extent of development of its society. We know the mass of examples of the people who overtook both surrounding society, and history in the development. But exceptions only confirm the rule: if the person from capital letter there will be everyone, only then history will not turn back. And only the corresponding bases of the public relations can provide it.

For now the mankind is even in development, the socialist idea whatever true and fair it was harms development and poisons people as an unripe fruit. The majority of misfortunes in the world comes from the fact that people do even the correct things, without having ripened to it yet.

Therefore it is worth finding out what the idea of fair society was based on whether these bases are right, and whether it is actual for us now.

The Marxism claiming that change of public formations is inevitable became top of development of socialist idea. A conclusion that bourgeois way will be surely succeeded by socialism as the power of the proletariat was a weak link of Marxism. That is, even without waiting for a development stage when, according to Marx, work becomes not means of livelihood, but vital need any more, the socialist system can be established.

All nature including human society, submits to the law of stage-by-stage development which is shown in fight of two forces: positive and negative.

But for this purpose who wants to create artificial " mechanism; developments in imitation natural as many devices and devices in equipment were created, should be known precisely how the nature with two opposite directed forces in development of society works. In Marxism such analysis was not made though its bases and lie, as they say, on a surface.

Concerning development of society correct will call the negative force operating in the person egoism, and positive - altruism. It is clear, that egoism in this case - not abstract or ethical concept, and force which is expressed in more and more purposeful use of people around for itself, for the personal needs. Altruism (force constructive, building society) develops, since " installations; life for the sake of children for the sake of creation of a family, to the levels including life for the sake of neighbors then - for the sake of the people and the state, and then - for the sake of all mankind.

Marx took into account only results of action of these forces, as led to the return, egoistical interpretation of idea of justice in distributions of products of work. Instead of an altruistic orientation, from justice is treated as equally that is egoistically. As brought already in the beginning great experiment to emergence of the whole class of distributors, supervisors behind distributors and so on.

It is even theoretically impossible to bring together all contradictions and discrepancies in requirements and a contribution of everyone on the basis of egoistical justice and equalities as well as showed experience of the Soviet power. And even now for us the concept equal and fair are incompatible because to become intuitively clear and effective they can only in system of the altruistic relations.

Therefore if the purpose - altruistic community of people, then and the mechanism of achievement of the purpose has to be based on altruism by all means. That is, there cannot be certain temporary, compelled, preparatory periods to society of the future based on the egoistical relation. Those thousands of years unconscious, at best, trial developments, that is all previous history of mankind, also were such preparatory period which all of us forcedly passed only to be convinced of impossibility to construct normal life on the basis of egoism. There Passed the time of introductions and preludes as Vysotsky sang. And those who want to live in society of the future have to know it.

The Marxism actually feeds the egoistical beginnings in consciousness of those whom calls advanced class and to whom allegedly hands keys from society of the future. It inspires in working people hatred to other classes, concept that all live at his expense, - and it erases the natural altruistic beginnings in consciousness of people.

The contradiction between the Marxist theory and practice also roots in it: the destroyed bourgeois way is succeeded by not a collectivist system, but various forms of tyranny and the Nazi regimes. An example of it is also the tyranny which came in due time to the power in the Soviet Russia and the fact that many figures of Fascist parties initially were socialists. To such result conducts the egoistical mechanism of development offered by Marxism.

Marx created tactics of destruction old, - but not creations new. Though obviously knew that altruism will be a basis of future society, claiming that the difference between physical will disappear and brainwork, - it is possible only at the altruistic relation of workers to the work and to distribution. But, believing, - it is unknown on what basis, - that the winner will surely come to correct, altruistic, to the decision after destruction of an exploiter system, he actually could not offer it other basis for fight period except narrow-minded egoism.

As led to the fact that the Marxism is associated at most of people with hatred now, and the regulations on future fair tenor of life and on inevitability of transition to altruistic bases of society put in it - are known to nobody and do not work.

Therefore it is possible to tell that habitual for masses hostility to the authorities, to bourgeois egoism, egoistical in the basis fight for justice go a leg in step with the become obsolete and died tactical Marxism and only strengthen positions of the power and injustice in public foundations.

Transition to the new life constructed on altruism bases can be promoted only by change of public consciousness. Explanatory work and belief in general are capable to do miracles. All of us know examples bad miracles .

Promotion in nazi Germany in a short space of time made of the people, the carrier of the European culture, concourse of bandits. The daily besoting work of mass media does from homo sapiens the obedient performer of the instructions arriving from box .

Examples can be multiplied, but one is clear: the mechanism of explanatory work gives the most effective and long-term effect. Therefore distribution proved, forming a new view on the world, information on two natural powers operating in the person and in society - egoism and altruism, - and about inevitability of association of people on the basis of the altruistic relations will make possible normal life on the planet.

On article B materials. Sulama Criticism of Marxism . 1940

Mikhail Gonopolsky 29. 04. 2010