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Ahchoo! What is the sneezing?

Ahchoo! Good luck! - we hear several times in the course of the day, but we do not even reflect as we sneeze and why.

At some people, sneezing is an allergic reaction which with arrival of spring especially escalates. People with frequent attacks are just more sensitive to allergens. Pollen of plants, a grass, a mold, scales of leather of animals and a part of dust, and also a tobacco smoke and perfumery products belong to their number. At invasion of alien substances at allergic persons in an organism the histamine which it forces muscles to be reduced is allocated.

Sneezing can be caused in others by cold, damp air, inhalation of harmful gases and a smoke, dust or the secret accumulating in bronchial tubes at pulmonary diseases. Anyway on means of sneezing our airways reflex try to get rid of unnecessary things. At cold and infectious diseases sneezing appears along with other symptoms. Also sneezing can begin from fast change of temperature when from a hot blaze of the sun to enter the room with the conditioner or from frosty day to the heated room.

As process sneezing is reduced:

a deep breath and filling of lungs closing of eyes

short circuit of a glottis,

began with air,

reductions of a diaphragm and intercostal muscles (intra chest pressure sharply increases),

disconnection of a glottis and a powerful exhalation.

Some interesting facts connected with sneezing:

the Most dolgochikhayushchy person on Earth is the 12th summer Englishwoman Donna Griffits. Donna sneezed within 977 days (from January, 1981 to September, 1983). In the beginning she sneezed every minute, but when days began to turn in weeks, and weeks a years, she began to sneeze a little less often - each five minutes.

Whether the truth that men sneeze stronger, than women? Speed of the exhaled air when sneezing averages 150 km/h. In the course of sneezing face muscles, a throat and a thorax participate. Therefore, the young healthy man, most likely, will sneeze with a bigger force, than the girl. However force of sneezing depends on a number of factors and therefore to claim that men sneeze with a bigger force, than women, it would be incorrect.

Whether heart stops during sneezing? Many claim that in time breath our heart ceases to work for some time. And it is the truth, however, only in small degree because we it to notice or we cannot feel. At the time of a sneeze, in a thorax so-called positive pressure is formed. It it also creates the myth about the stopping heartbeat.

And at last, answer to the main issue: Why it is impossible to sneeze with open eyes? Recent researches of scientists revealed that when sneezing so strong pressure is formed that in case of not closing of eyes, they simply can to take off from orbits, the speed of the exhaled air when sneezing averages 150 km/h. Moreover, one site of a brain is responsible for both of these processes. At the time of a spasm of the muscles which are responsible for sneezing there comes the simultaneous spasm and eye muscles. Thus, it is simply impossible to sneeze with open eyes.

Scientists consider that on a manner of the person to sneeze, it is possible to define what character at it, and they allocated four main types of sneezing.

Enthusiasts sneeze loudly and with soul. It shows on their openness for new acquaintances and opportunities and a large number of new unruly ideas.

It is silent and reserved pedants who above all put the relations with people around sneeze. They are patient, quiet, sometimes depend on opinion of the majority, but will always attentively listen and at an opportunity will help.

Thinkers when sneezing cover a mouth with a hand or a scarf, showing self-respect. They are people judicious and always at first think, and then speak. At the same time they possess a broad outlook and on each question have own opinion, but state it extremely seldom.

Quickly, without trying to constrain a reflex, singles sneeze. It is possible to define that they are exacting to themselves and people around and got used to count only on themselves therefore they well direct and do not love when they are tried to be used.

Whether it is possible to get rid of sneezing? Of course, there are special cold medicines, but that if the ringing silence of meeting threatens to be broken your loud and tasty AHCHOO! . There are they an effective method which is used in law enforcement agencies during ambushes. As soon as the itch in a nose becomes we do not take out, it is necessary just to clamp it two fingers and everything, sneezing will remove as a hand. It does not guarantee that you will not sneeze then as the problem is not solved, but all - is delayed.

And at last, to the phrase which finishes sneezing - Good luck! . It is precisely unknown from where it went. Can be from a popular belief that when sneezing from the person the soul or just from the fact that patients often and very strongly sneeze takes off. However by rules of etiquette, you should not draw attention to sneezed and to tell something.

But all the same, good luck!