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How to grow up a lemon in house conditions?

grow Already several years lemons at my place. Would like shared the experience with readers of ShZh and to tell how to grow up this plant in house conditions and to annually receive let small, but all - a harvest of citrus fruit, so vitamin-rich.

History began with the fact that I put a lemon shank as taught, in the fall in a fertile soil it. Gathered the earth for rooting of a shank in that place of the seasonal dacha where the nettle grows. To this antiquated rule skilled gardeners, growing up vegetable and flower seedling, follow long ago. The soil under a nettle fertile, is relieved of weeds and various parasites. In it there are a lot of nutrients useful to development of plants. On a bucket of the garden earth added a glass of ashes, two one-liter jars of river sand, four banks of the aired peat and two tablespoons of complex fertilizer and everything carefully mixed.

To grow up a lemon in house conditions and the patience was required to reap the first crop. After landing passed slightly more than a year. The handsome - a bush grew up from my shank and plentifully blossomed. Inflorescences were replaced darkly - the green, exhaling aroma fruits which became brightly subsequently - yellow. This, the lemon tree which is grown up at home, blossoms and fructifies now all the year round.

I will give several useful tips from the experience. How to implant a shank of a house lemon that he got accustomed and flushed? For this purpose used a plastic 5 liter large bottle from water. Cut it in half on two equal parts, in day drilled openings for a water drain. In the half filled with the soil put a lemon shank, carefully watered with warm otstoyanny water and covered with the top part of a large bottle. The autonomous parnichok in which the plant was well lit turned out, and the moisture demanded to it did not evaporate. It is also required for rooting of shanks of a house lemon.

Before spring heat the taking roots shank was at a window. At the end of May when above-zero temperature was established and the plant went to growth, removed plastic shelter and transferred a lemon to a stationary hotbed. Through two - three weeks the shank of a lemon released escapes with gentle young leaflets and its growth accelerated. When young escapes threw out tsvetonosa, accurately pulled out them. Otherwise it is impossible: from premature blossoming the weak plant will be will be exhausted and its growth will be slowed down.

Was not to learn a shank of a lemon in the fall. He got stronger, matured, put on in foliage and turned into a small lemon tree.

Came important surgical the moment - formation of the lemon which is grown up in house conditions. Performed this operation carefully and deliberately. In the beginning cut out escapes in the lower part of a plant, then - in top, having left at a stvolik three - four branches. After cutting replaced a house lemon in an eight-liter flowerpot and moved it to the constant place to the room, on well lit window sill.

The lemon tree fertilizers with minerals is desirable to feed up quarterly. To take out a house lemon to the yard in the spring, to pour over leaves warm rain water, to carefully remove the top layer of earth in a pot and to add the fresh earth.

It is known that all citrus - photophilous plants. The best place for them in house conditions - a window sill or near it. In my opinion, if the apartment allows, it is expedient to place plants at the windows coming to East side. Early in the morning the first tender beams of a rising sun will exert beneficial effect on a room lemon. Also the windows contacting Hugo - the East, the South and Hugo - the West will approach.

For watering of a lemon tree it is necessary to use rain, and also water, well otstoyanny water. To bring it to room temperature. If in the house it is cool, to warm up water to 20 - 25 . Cold water detains receipt of batteries to a plant why it looks oppressed, badly grows and fructifies. That humidity of air was optimum and the soil in pots prematurely did not dry up from electric heaters, it is good to put on a window sill near a lemon open ware with water, and every other day - two plentifully to spray its leaves.

In winter time it is necessary to watch that leaves of a lemon tree did not adjoin to glasses of windows. Cold - the undesirable neighbor for a thermophilic plant.

Authors of many publications devoted to a citrus claim that the first harvest of the lemon which is grown up from a shank in house conditions should be expected for the third year, from a sunflower seed - on the twelfth. My room lemons from the implanted shanks fructify in two years. They blossom at the beginning of May, and plentiful blossoming begins in September and several months proceed.

Lemons all the year round fructify. Fruits slowly ripen, but it does not afflict: mature lemons are replaced by again arisen, there is a peculiar continuous process. From each plant I collect up to two kilograms of magnificent lemons with a thin peel, pleasant taste and gentle aroma.

If decide to grow up houses a lemon tree, try to treat it with attention and love. And then the plant will decorate your apartment, will fill it with bewitching aroma and will please you and your family for many years.

As you can see, cultivation of lemons in house conditions does not require special agrotechnical knowledge and special technology. Try then at you will blossom a lemon tree at home.