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As it is possible to recharge the mobile phone

Mobile communication is good everything, except for one - it is necessary to pay for phone conversations. And sometimes users with it have certain problems.

Below we will consider some of the most widespread options of replenishment of own account, having described pluses and minuses of everyone.

Prepaid - cards

For the first time an opportunity to recharge by means of pre-paid cards appeared in 1998, simultaneous from the beginning of action of a number of tariff plans with advance system of payment. At first small pieces of plastic (and after a cardboard) extended through salons of communication or shops of an audio / video production. But later liquidity of these goods was estimated also by grocery retail including a symbol 90 - x - pothouses and just grocery commercial tents. Now the card can be bought in the booth, next from an entrance.

Except a convenient arrangement and step availability, there is one more advantage. There is no need to enter own telephone number at the next account replenishment. Thus, annoying mistake, when you you give a certain sum absolutely to the stranger - it is excluded, and at incorrectly gathered a pin - a code the system will just refuse replenishment, having pointed to wrong input. But cards have also very unpleasant shortcoming - the price. On average the card having, say, 10 - dollar face value, is on sale at the price in 300 - 320 rubles that obviously does not correspond to a present situation in the foreign exchange market. Roughly speaking, you buy dollar at the price of 32 rubles, on your account there are same 10 dollars, but with an essential overpayment. Therefore we consider that it though a convenient, but the most uneconomical payment method.

Distribution networks with

In large supermarkets several years an opportunity to deposit money to the account, literally this word works, without departing from cash desk. Having made purchase and having paid it, it is possible to ask the cashier to grant the necessary sum into your account of the mobile phone. For this purpose it is necessary to call number and to put the signature under the check. Payments in addresses of the operators " are usually accepted; big three .

If you constantly visit supermarkets, then such type of payment is really very convenient. Any commissions and hidden payments. However there are two essential shortcomings. Shopping center it can not appear along the line, lines at cash desks, as a rule, disappear either at midday, or at midnight. Besides, happens that payment arrives into the account not at once, and after some term that can be connected with technical problems both on the party of the operator, and on the party of shop (this option, is by the way, more probable). As the alternative, can be considered payment in salons of communication which meet considerably more often than large supermarkets now. But the same problems - turns (though not such slow and big, as in shops) and very probable delays at receipt of money for the account. Thus, it is possible to conclude that this way the most economic, though not such instant as following.

Terminals the express - payments

Rather most young way, but, in our opinion, the most convenient. Now the terminal can be met in any places - the same shopping centers, drugstores, flower and grocery stores, generally, everywhere where there is a consumer stream. The main difference from payments with direct participation of the agent of the operator - the user of the mobile phone works completely independently. It is necessary to check precisely number which you specify to the computer. If you are mistaken, then money will instantly leave to other subscriber, and it will be very difficult to return them. After carrying out operatsiichek which has to to spit out the terminal, it is necessary to keep before you make sure that money actually arrived into your account.

Shortcomings three. The first - percent which in different payment service providers the, but usually it does not exceed 3 - 4% of the granted sum. Money, in most cases, arrives to you into the account instantly, but sometimes there are delays. By our experience we can tell that with the last the " system seldom sins; Eleksnet and here in OSMP the author could not wait for money within half an hour. Though, of course, it is not excluded that the operator had a problem, but not at payment service provider. However OSMP have an indisputable advantage - the company uses terminals of newer model. It allows to accelerate process of introduction of means - the bill acceptor more smartly involves banknotes, and the system distinguishes face value quicker. Eleksnet cannot brag of it: he not only rather long potters with the note, but can mistakenly distinguish a banknote as false and to return it to the owner. But all of us equally consider such way of introduction of payments as the most available, convenient and fast. For good it is necessary to pay and therefore to have to endow a certain sum in favor of payment service provider.

However to use the same Eleksnetom also those who receive money for a salary debit card can. Statistically, the number of such employees in the companies of Russia already exceeded 1 million people. Of course, money is carried out not only through Eleksnet but the principle is identical everywhere. It is possible to recharge without departing from the ATM (which, besides, is usually installed in one of premises of office of the company). You enter the number (in this case it is also necessary to be attentive), but money for payment arrives not from your pocket, and is charged off a card account. Transfer happens instantly, and you at payment from the salary card do not need to leave percent.


Two described below a way appeared rather recently and yet did not become as popular as the same terminals the express - payments, but we do not doubt that with development these options will find in our country of the Internet and on-line payments of the mass consumer. So, the first are numerous translation systems of electronic money. For example, Yandex. Money or e - port. The main advantage - an opportunity to fill up any mobile account, without rising from - for the worker or the home computer. The main thing that money was on your electronic account. By the way, without leaving the house, it is possible to pay utility payments or to place money for your account at the Internet - provider. It is possible to fill up your account in system with a set of ways - from the same cards, to our favourite terminals. However use of such systems is not free and to have to leave from 3 - 5% of the transferred amount.

Account replenishment in a different way requires the friend or the relative who has two things. Phone with enough money on the account and desire to help you. By means of special inquiry of people specifies a phone number to which money from its account, and the desirable sum " will be transferred; assistance . After that it is required to confirm the desire of the translation, and several seconds later the addressee will receive money. At different operators the inquiry has the appearance therefore existence of this service and procedure of its use need to be specified in service of subscriber services.

What is important for any way

Once again we want to specify finally very important point. Apparently, practically at any payment method it is required to specify number. To be mistaken owing to fatigue, a lack of lighting or for other reasons - as easy as shelling pears. In case of a mistake, money cannot almost be returned. Therefore it is simply not necessary to hurry even if the person standing behind you began to snuffle spitefully to you in a back.