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How to help itself and another to learn and study?

Look! Bald! Vitka - bald! - rushed after the frightened blubbered little boy of years of ten with a satchel behind the back. The flock of peers did not lag behind, adding small stones to the spiteful shouts, and marking to get to the boy`s baseball cap.

The First school days did not foretell anything bad - Vitya`s mother tells. It grew at clever, bright and very active child. But literally in the second quarter at the son serious difficulties with mathematics began. We tried to do together homeworks, sitting up late. And I, and Vitya very much worried as the boy got used to be the first everywhere and always. But this subject just was not given it! Teachers did not disregard it: apropos, and without paid its attention to them, doing them by even more painful. In several months on Vitya`s head the first symptoms of a hair loss appeared. For our family it was shock! But we could make nothing - and the situation at school was worse, the less hair remained on the child`s head. As a result by 10 years Vitya became absolutely bald

Listening to mother`s confession, I reflected. I imagined children who go to the first class. Huge white bows, diligently ironed suits, a big bouquet of flowers, a huge satchel behind the back, eyes full of hopes and an anticipation something new and interesting. There will pass only five, six, seven years, and all this will disappear. There will be not only no white bows and big bouquets any more, but also the hope in eyes will turn into indifferent boredom. There will be a TV, the computer, parties with friends, and later - beer and cigarettes at an entrance. And here you are already afraid to go with such teenagers in the elevator.

I remember how my work at school began. Usual emotions of the teacher who just gained the diploma. Expectation of the very first class in life. You believe that you will be the best teacher in the world, with a sinking heart wait for the first lesson, prepare for it, train before house. You worry, you re-read the lectures, you study textbooks of methodics, you try to be at proper words. And here you face a class - charming first graders smile, with interest examine you, attentively listen. Of course, the lesson turns out very good, as in the textbook of methodics. Beautiful picture, truth?

In several days I noticed that many children do not listen to me as attentively any more as they earlier, look around, draw something on school desks, talk among themselves. I tried to do them remarks, but, to my astonishment, it did not help. Of course, there are always children who attentively listen, all write down, pull hands. At once it was visible that they capable and will study well. But their minority. And came across also such which seemed absolutely incapable. They threw pieces of paper, did not write down a task, thought of something special. Moreover, they prevented to be engaged in that to children who wanted to study. I admit, it was at all not that picture which I represented when made the decision to become the teacher.

I began to look for an effective way to increase ability of children to training. I drew on big sheets of a Whatman paper of heroes of the animated film popular at that time. As soon as children began to rustle, distract - I as the conjurer, got Chip or Dale`s colourful image. Children opened mouths with exclamation Wow! and at this moment I quickly told them something from mathematics. But soon pictures bored, and children began to distract again.

When all tried receptions do not yield result, there is only one. That which is familiar to each school student - to raise the voice. It worked, pupils became silent for some time. But in five minutes began it again are children began to miss, look around. Then it was necessary to raise even more the voice to draw their attention. In a month after my first touching lesson I began to shout - it was the only way to force pupils to behave and listen well to a lesson. And in two weeks I lost a voice. At the same time progress of pupils did not grow. I was in panic also did not know what to do.

I was very lucky as I worked at private school, and our director was a progressive person. Therefore we had an opportunity to apply various techniques when training children. For example, we tried to use system of the developing training. It gave some improvements. However children all the same did not acquire material completely as I would like. On preparation for lessons at me a lot of time left, it was necessary to prepare evident material, most to understand tasks, and the received result never corresponded to the spent efforts. And at this moment the principal gave me the book Guide to training bases American scientist Ron Hubbard.

By then I already began to look at all new techniques skeptically. It seemed to me that there is nothing useful there. But I decided to try. At the heart of the technology of training described in the book the simple idea lies - the person has to understand what he studies. And it is so simple! It turned out that there are three concrete reasons why the person ceases to understand material. And when you know how to remove these causes, becomes possible to study any subject. It turned out that all pranks children at lessons are called only by misunderstanding what is told by the teacher. But the most valuable in all this technology of training is a description of ways by means of which it is possible to teach the child to understand material.

I began to apply the principles stated by Ron Hubbard in the work. First without special enthusiasm. But it became noticeable soon that children began to understand material. At them interest in training considerably increased. Then I understood that, probably, all is valid ingenious simply! The mad idea - to open the training center and to train children, primeneny this technology of training came to my mind.

I will tell at once - it was hard. Once to us the boy who to the fifth class already replaced more than five schools got. At the last school where he studied, training cost more than two thousand dollars a month. The child had difficulties that he hyperactive and did not want to study at all. The famous psychologists, but as it did not bring the expected results, it was directed to the psychiatrist worked with it. How you think what he made? Very simply - prescribed strong psychotropic medicine! The idea was that at first the child should calm down, and interest in training will be shown by itself. And the child really calmed down: he could sit long time, having stared in one point, ceased to communicate with friends, became passive and gloomy. But interest in training did not appear.

For parents our center was the last hope. For a start we recommended to parents to refuse reception of tablets. Then, having applied the basic principles of technology of training, we achieved that the child understood elements of those objects which he studied earlier. As a result Nikolay could come to the college chosen by him. And you should have seen Kolya`s parents restored to life when the principal handed him gratitude as to the only pupil who completely acquired the school program!

There were many such cases for my practice. I was convinced that only through full understanding material can increase ability to perception of information, to improve memory of the person and to solve a behavior problem at lessons. I consider

Ya that the teacher is really noble and very important profession. Today`s children are a tomorrow`s civilization L. Ron Hubbard wrote. And yes the truth, on that as well as what you will teach Viktorov, Nikolaev, Natash and Dim to, depends not only their future, but also the future all of us. If you want to learn

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