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If the garden turned into a headache of

time Came, the kid grew up, and you issued it in kindergarten. At first everything is good and it is pleasant to the kid in group. But suddenly it happened so that at the word kindergarten at the child tears, and at times even a hysterics well up. You in confusion. Know that much more serious reasons, than a usual whim sometimes are behind unwillingness to go to kindergarten. Uncomfortably the child feels for many reasons. Let`s consider a little from them.

The tutor raises the voice on children, and in your house it is inadmissible. Try to explain to the child that the teacher becomes angry not about your child, and about disobedient children.

Children offend the kid. Here your fault. You teach the child to be protected. Talk on this subject to the tutor if the child is still small.

The tasteless food, not as causes disgust in children often houses. In fact, the tasty breakfast loads with energy for all day. The compromise is - it is possible to have breakfast at home, and in a garden to eat bread and butter in the morning and to drink tea. Surely discuss it with the tutor, as a rule, they make concessions.

Houses of a toy not such, as in a garden. Suggest the child to take several toys from the house and surely remind the kid that it has to share with friends.

The problem can be also in visit of a toilet. For example, on a door the hard handle and to the kid not in power to open it, and he hesitates to approach and ask the teacher or at younger age just is afraid. And this problem should be discussed with the tutor, and to teach not to be afraid and not to hesitate of the kid.

Several weeks you bring the child on half of day. The first half of day, as a rule, more saturated and interesting, play with children, give classes, including and musical, walk. It is pleasant to children. And here the second half of day less dynamic, children are put to bed. Sometimes, that in a situation, others for the kid, he cannot fall asleep, long turns in a bed, to him to become sadly, lonely, and at times and it is terrible.

So, conclusion following. To watch more the kid, to talk to him on the way to kindergarten. To ask the teacher to look after more attentively your child. If the teacher careless, it is possible to ask for the help the manager. In such cases tutors become attentive and sensitive.

Always be on the party of the child even if he exaggerates a little. Care for that the child had new positive impressions about which he could tell you. Encourage the child with a toy or a sweet delicacy, taking away him from kindergarten, but never you pronounce such words: Here you will go to a garden - I will buy you, ice cream, a doll (machine) . It is inadmissible!

It is better to take away the child from kindergarten if after the first day passed 4 - 6 weeks, but he so did not get used and still actively does not wish to go to a kindergarten, became aggressive, nervous (enuresis, nightmares, sleeplessness, a kusaniye of nails etc. developed) For such kid not the kindergarten, and close people, at least sensitive nurse which will belong more attentively in your child is necessary. The kid will a little grow up and through time it is possible to try to take away once again it in kindergarten.

But there is also other problem. The child who went to a garden not the first year refuses flatly to go there. Usually it happens during summer vacation when the main structure of group is disbanded in new, new children and tutors who replace each other with such speed that the kid does not manage to remember their names come. Recently we faced such problem. Our child who just lived kindergarten came in the evening you and told that he will not go there any more. There was it at the beginning of summer when all friends parted, and the son was defined in new group for one month. It had the last year and suddenly the child declares. what will not go to a garden, it has every morning a nervous hysterics and hypererethism. We saw doctors behind council how to be? It appears, at kids at six-year age there comes transitional the period which is called Crisis 7 . They mature, open for themselves the new world. Now children develop much quicker and therefore crisis can begin much more before that moment when the child goes to school. But, we will return to kindergarten. council of psychologists is that it is not necessary to contradict at this moment to the child, to give on it. The best exit - for some time to separate the child from a garden, to stay all family together, to surround the kid with love and understanding. Increase and development of the conflict can lead to more serious problems - refusal to go to a garden will develop into fear of all new, refusal to go to school. So if the child refuses to go to a garden, listen to its arguments, collect a family council, ask for the help doctors and make the correct decision which should not damage to your kid at all.