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We prepare fish on a fire? And also in clay and sand

the Fish baked in clay.

to Make fire. To draw fish, to leave scales. To rub fish from within with salt, to put inside onions, bell pepper, bay leaf. To cover a carcass with clay a layer of 3-4 cm and for 25-30 minutes to fill up with hot coals, from above to make fire. Ready fish should not be cleaned as the scales fall off together with clay. Some fishermen wrap previously fish in leaves of cabbage, a burdock, a nettle, wild currant. In this case the preparation time of a dish increases till 40-50 minutes.

The fish fried in clay. the Prepared fish to rub

with salt inside and outside, to cover with oil, to turn in maple leaves, and then in the pure rag impregnated with vegetable oil, to stick a twine, to cover with clay and to put in hot ashes. From time to time carefully to overturn. Readiness of fish can be determined by clay cracking.

The fish baked in ashes.

to Make fire. Not to clean fish, and to rub with salt against scales. To fill up coals with ashes, on ashes to put fish, to cover it with ashes and to fill up with coals. Fish will be ready in 25-30 minutes.

The fish baked in paper.

to Make fire on sand. To draw fish, not to scale, rub from within with salt, to put spices. After fire will well heat sand, to bury in it the fish who is wrapped up in several layers of wet paper from above to make fire. The dish will be ready in 40-50 minutes. In the same way it is possible to prepare fish and in hot coals of a fire.

The fish prepared in a foil.

to Draw fish, to scale with it, to cut off the head and a tail, to wash out, rub from within with salt and pepper. To add oil, to put on the sheet of aluminum foil folded double and to turn. To arrange a foil with fish on the heated fire coals, in 5-6 minutes to turn, and through the same time fish will be ready.

Fish baked in sand (earth).

On a hillock of sand to make fire. To clear, draw, wash out and to prisolit fish. In it to put a few onions, pepper, bay leaf, to turn in a white paper (best of all in the pure white rag impregnated with oil) and to bury in sand. Again to make fire. In 20-30 minutes fish will be roasted. Fish can be buried in sand, and without heating it previously. In this case fish will prepare a little longer.

Fish baked on a stone.

needs to pick up an equal stone plate. Then it is good to heat it on coals of a fire and to put on it prepared (gutted, salted, with spices in an abdominal cavity) fish. Approximately in 15 minutes the carcass needs to be turned. In 15 minutes fish will be ready.

Fish on a spit. Fish to draw, not to scale, cut

lengthways and then across for the portion, to salt and string on a skewer or a rod alternately with onions, fat pieces. To put the ends of a skewer over coals on supports. Distance to coals to establish not less than 5 cm. To fry fish of 8-10 minutes, from time to time to turn a carcass.

Fish fried.

is Cleared fish of scales, gills and interiors, (it is better to remove also the head), rubbed with salt outside and from within, peppered. Make fire, well warm a baking sheet, pour on it sunflower oil that it dispersed on all bottom, and put the big fish cut on pieces small - entirely. Fry carcasses before education it is red - a golden crust, reduce fire or roasted to a turn on coals. Before putting fish on a baking sheet her is usually rolled in flour or breadcrumbs. It is also possible to salt not fish, and oil or flour in which she is fried. And if on sides of fish a sharp knife to make deep cuts about a centimeter wide, then the small stones which are chopped up on part will not annoy during food. To the fried and prepared in other ways fish the boiled potatoes, fresh vegetables and greens will be a good garnish.

Fish fried with eggs.

is Cleared fish of scales, gills, interiors and the head, washed out, salted. Make fire, heat a baking sheet, pour oil and put pieces of fish. Shortly before readiness on fish pour out eggs and dosalivat.

the Fish prepared with a sorrel.

is Cleared fish of scales, cleaned, washed out, cut on pieces, salted, peppered, rolled in flour and together with onions fried to a ruddy crust. The sorrel is touched, washed, small cut and put in a kettle, filled in with a glass of water or fish broth and boiled under a cover of 5 minutes. (Together with a sorrel) fill in with the received broth fried fish and cook under a cover to readiness.

Stewed trifle.

of Small small fishes (bleaks, ruffs, etc.) clean, delete the heads, leave scales. At ruffs cut off prickly fins, wash out and stack in one row on a kettle bottom. Prisalivat, add the onions cut by circles, bell pepper, bay leaf and slightly water with sunflower oil. So a layer behind a layer fill a kettle, add vinegar, densely cover with a cover and put on weak fire. Hour through three try: if scales and bones were not dissolved - cook 1,5-2 more hours. It is possible to add thinly cut beet, carrots to onions.

Fish it is boiled - smoked.

to Pour water in a kettle, it is good to salt, hang up over fire and to bring to boiling. The cleared fish to wash out, string through gills and a mouth on several pieces on a thin rope and to ship for 10 seconds in the boiling water. Having tied up fish in several places a thin twine, to hang up her on the prepared crossbeam from that party of a fire where wind bears a hot smoke and to hold until fish does not become golden and soft. This process lasts no more than 30 minutes.

Small fish stewed with vegetables.

to Lay in a kettle layers onions, thinly cut beet and carrots cleaned and well washed out fish, bay leaf, salt and pepper, then again onions. To fill in everything (at the rate on 1 kg of fish) with 1 glass of water and 0,5 glasses of sunflower oil, to salt and extinguish 3 hours in the closed kettle.

Crucian boiled.

the Prepared fish to salt and expose to cold within 30 minutes. To pound browned flour with butter, to dilute with hot water (0,5 glasses) and cream. To bring liquid to boiling, to put in it fish and a bulb. To fill a dish I will merge, ground pepper. To boil to readiness, having closed a kettle a cover. It is necessary to remove a bulb from ready broth. To serve with boiled potatoes. Small crucians boil entirely, large cut in half.

A crucian boiled in smetanny sauce.

to Prepare fish, to salt, lay out on a baking sheet, to fill in with hot water (so that fish was covered only on 1/3). To add the salt, bay leaf, caraway seeds cut on 4 parts a bulb and a bunch of greens of parsley and fennel, to cook to readiness. To add several spoons of broth of fish, ground crackers, salt to sour cream, to put on fire and, stirring slowly, to cook until sauce does not thicken. To lay out fish in a bowl, to fill in with sauce, to decorate with greens branches. Around to place boiled potatoes. To separately give fresh cucumbers and tomatoes. Large crucians are cut in half, small boil entirely. Sauce can be filled in addition with a ground nutmeg to taste. 500-600 g of fish, 2 bay leaves. 1 bulb, caraway seeds (on a knife tip), 150 g of sour cream. 1. 5 tablespoons of ground crackers, salt and greens to taste.

The fish boiled in parchment. to cut

of Fillet of the bream or a cod on pieces, for 5 minutes to fill in with salty water (on a glass of cold water - 1 tablespoon of salt), then to take out and allow water to flow down. On the parchment paper oiled to put fish fillet. Over fish to put the oil mixed with pepper, polished carrots and onions, to sprinkle lemon juice or the divorced acid and to strew with small cut greens. After that to put edges of paper in the form of a package, to tie up a twine, to lower in a copper, on 2/3 filled with the boiling water and to cook 15 minutes on weak fire. Ready fish to take out from a package and to lay in a bowl together with sauce. 500 g of fish, 7th carrots, 1 bulb, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, 2 tablespoons of oil, salt.

Fish fried.

of Fillet or a semi-finished product of fish to salt, strew with pepper, to roll in in flour and to fry in oil. To water ready fish with oil and to strew with small cut greens of parsley or fennel. It is possible to serve with fried potatoes, sauerkraut salad, cucumbers (fresh, salty), tomatoes. 500 g of fillet, 5 tablespoons of vegetable oil, 3 tablespoons of wheat flour, salt, pepper.

Fish in crackers.

the Prepared fillet of fish or a semi-finished product to wash out, dry on a napkin, to salt, strew with pepper, to roll in at first in flour, and then, having moistened with egg, the divorced milk (1/4 glass of milk on 1 egg), to roll in in crackers. Fish to fry in oil and a tax with lemon slices, to decorate with parsley greens branches. A garnish - salad, soaked apples, mashed potatoes (from potato flakes). 500 g of fillet, 0,25 glasses of milk, 1 lemon. 0,5 glasses of breadcrumbs, 1 egg, 2 tablespoons of flour and 0. 5th glass of fat, salt.