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15 councils how to become tempers. Any man of

1 is obliged to remember it. That that it is necessary. Be sure that the seduction subject actually to you is curious. Were mistaken now - then it will be a pity for the precious nerves.

2. You watch details. Consider object of desire attentively. The purse, a skirt, a make-up - details will tell a lot of things. Think what life is led by this girl and whether there is a game of candles? And whom you have to become what reputation to create? You study art of seduction

3. Right place. To catch a small fish, but not in a pool! Precisely define where girls of your dream gather. You prefer smart and refined, probably, it is not necessary to go on a biker meeting

4. Be sure of success. Refusal - not the worst, but a threshold of fear will be overcome. Could not now? Trifles! Everything comes with experience

5. Hint. Girls adore the atmosphere of a riddle, your small flirtation will be a good catch for future burning relations.

6. Not to offer intim! Let the girl think that you study and are not indifferent to her inner world at all.

7. Be not a gruel. Any doubts, stop! Be a strong man, you are in a circle of her sight and do it very safely. But do not overdo, you should not be too witty.

8. To listen and be silent. Ears are your main weapon, let to speak, you control a conversation thread in the hands, periodically squeeze necessary words which will force to be frank even stronger.

9. Become unusual. Show sharpness, it is not necessary to be trivial. It will surely work, girls love inventive men. But do not go into extremes, begin to surprise, she very much wants it.

10. Call it by name. Address it by name periodically, it works smoothly. At the girl the feeling of absolute attention will be created, this maneuver at acquaintance is exclusively good. There passed about 10 minutes, and you well remember her name - an assessment five!

11. It is not necessary to ask terse questions. To what to ask And where do you live? What salary at you . The essence does not change, but try to ask somehow more inventively.

12. Hvatsunov do not love the woman! It is necessary to nobody, the boaster - a reason for yawning, be yourself, then it will be simpler to fascinate. Besides not you, but she has to experience admiration - Ah, what expensive wheelbarrow at you!

13. Do not perceive through chur directly. Ladies` stories and the truth - concepts often opposite. If you low growth and the girl suspiciously looks at you or even tries to refuse, do not hurry to leave. Practice proved that to overpersuade a piece of cake.

14. Sex - an excellent subject for conversation. But it is exclusive on others examples, remember funny situations which were tested in a bed by friends or close people. The sure sign of its favor to you will be an easy contact. Ask why? The girl will never begin to touch the person whom has disgust.

15. Catch it a look. You keep object of passion in visibility limits, do not let out from a look. But do not drill a hole, it will not lead to anything good, causes nervousness.