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Affirmation. What, where and as?

of Affirmation are a statement, the phrase, the offer or several offers which are laconically expressing your desire. For example, my income of 1000 dollars a month; I receive the three-room apartment in the center; I establish a family with darling and the person loving me etc. of

How to make?

- an affirmation surely has to be made in an assertive form. Psychologists claim that a particle not subconsciousness does not perceive, that is if you speak: I will not be ill more subconsciousness will catch I will be ill more correct phrase I am completely healthy . And in general try to use less in the speech a particle not use the affirmative " forms; I am full instead of I do not want to eat ;

- the most effective affirmation-is that which thought up. Of ready statements it is full in various books, on the Internet, but in that which you thought up for yourself, you put the energy, means and it will work more effective. But it is possible to use and ready if they pleased or correct them on yourself;

- the statement owes you to warm soul at its pronunciation it has to is joyful to you to become, means then it suits you and will perfectly work;

- elementary replacement of phrases I do not love, I do not want that that on I want I love will turn all your restrictions into excellent stimulation of the positive moments. For example, if I do not like to wash the dishes to replace on I with pleasure wash the dishes, around me is pure and cozy look and it will be one a lot of more pleasant to wash the dishes)))

- be at the correct loss for words on sense. If you repeat I want a new " fur coat; you will also be it To Want . The statement " will be correct; I receive a new " fur coat;. Word I receive here it is optimum because you do not specify the Universe a way of receiving this fur coat (purchase, a gift, a prize, inheritance), thereby you do not limit a way of its receiving.

This technique, I consider, it is necessary to use first of all to get rid of wrong beliefs (reference) for example, that rich to be safe that big money can be earned in the lawful way or that it is possible to be absolutely healthy in 60 years, or in 48 and a half years it is possible to marry easily. Also it is convenient to

for formation of any personal qualities and traits of character: for example, I sociable and easily meet with people (for those who consider that it constraining and clamped); at me there are a lot of advantages and talents (for those who consider themselves not capable of anything).

What with them to do?

- repeat several thousands of times . The joke))) is enough several hundreds))) Optimum repetition number multiple is considered we rub: 3, 6, 9, 12 etc. But it is necessary to be distracted by the account, repeat so much how many you consider it necessary. They should be repeated about themselves or in hearing. You can choose certain time not to forget Before going to bed, in transport where it is convenient to you. - you rewrite

on paper. Take a leaf and fill with this phrase one party. Next day or every other day one more leaf, and so on.

- sing them In fact it is the same mantras. You can go to work and instead of thinking what your wife the bitch, put too much salt in soup yesterday, hum in a low tone I am happy in family life, I have a careful wife or my income constantly grows . Well or what there is important for you))))

- also statements can be written down on a dictophone or a player and just to listen to them.

How they I work? I work with Affirmation`s

when you use them. If to use them regularly one of the offered ways, or alternating them, the result will not be long in coming therefore as you slowly begin to think the statement, in the beginning purposely automatically, then the idea receives the place in your head, you get used to it, that is it becomes your belief and over time materializes.

Learn to remake automatically all your desires in an affirmation. Take any unpleasant thought, turn it into pleasant and make of it an affirmation. Also there will be to you happiness))))))))))))))