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Spa - salon at home - it is possible? Phytosauna Cedar barrel

very much respect the Bath in Russia. And not only in Russia. Many people since ancient times practice bathing procedures for strengthening of health and fight against various indispositions. Scientific researches confirm beneficial influence of correctly constructed bathing ritual on a human body. Such procedures are especially useful to the people leading an inactive life, occupied with sedentary work. That is - to almost each modern person.

And for familiarizing with this action existence of a big steam room or sauna is not obligatory at all. The modern market proposes a set of interesting solutions. For example, the company of Fitorelaks offers the wide product range from the Siberian cedar for baths and saunas. The cedar is considered a tree - the druggist. Its wood emits phytoncides which suppress growth and development of harmful microorganisms.

A cedar barrel - the peculiar phytosauna helping to get rid of many illnesses and rejuvenating an organism. The combination of steam sated with vegetable herbs which moves in a cabin from the Siberian cedar well affects the person.

Under its influence a skin time opens, there is an active sweating. Thus, there is a clarification of an organism, the general and at the cellular level , work of all bodies and systems is stimulated, the metabolism is normalized.

The phytobarrel from the Siberian cedar helps to get rid of syndrome chronic fatigue . Steam sated with medicative herbs shrouds a body, relaxes the muscles strained from stresses. Plentiful sweating which begins literally in 10 minutes after immersions in the warmed Cedar barrel, cleans pores, removes harmful products of an exchange. Through the expanded and cleaned pores in an organism from steam condensed on a body active medical bioconnections are soaked up. Exchange processes are as a result normalized, work of all bodies and systems improves, the fatigue leaves. There comes pleasant slackness. After reception of a course of procedures, and often right after several procedures, people feels much more vigorously, feels inflow of forces.

The cedar barrel will help to get rid also of excess weight . She acts as pass - a sauna, only more effectively as the person in it soars a body while his head is outside. It allows to breathe easily, there is no raised load of heart. The body well is warmed, improves a blood-groove, exchange processes are normalized, accumulation and adjournment of fats is slowed down. The organism begins to consume gradually saved-up stocks.

Regularly diving in the Cedar barrel, it is possible to get rid forever and of cellulitis , the broken limfoottok is restored, the limfotsirkulyation improves. It gives the expressed anti-cellulite effect, skin will become elastic, smooth and silky.

The cedar barrel not just improves a condition of skin, but also effectively promotes treatment of dermatitis and psoriasis .

Life of the modern person does not do without stresses . By means of the Cedar phytobarrel it is possible to restore and strengthen nervous system. The calm and a pacification comes literally from the first. The pleasant steam sated with medicative herbs shrouds a body, washing away sweat and reducing stress. Tight muscles at the same time pleasantly relax, the brain is disconnected from cares, the notions of compulsion. Resistance to stresses is developed. Those who it is regular zanyrivat in the Cedar barrel, are quieter, ready to difficulties.

Salutary impact of the Cedar barrel on is warm - vascular system is shown in expansion and increase in quantity of the functioning capillaries, simplification of advance of blood on arteries. When the person plunges into the cloud of steam sated with curative herbs, the smallest capillaries extend, blood goes on the periphery, exempting an organism from venous stagnation, reserve opportunities of blood system join. The strengthened movement of blood promotes good thermal control, accustoming to adverse environmental conditions.

Experts, observing patients during 11 - ti years, established that the cedar barrel is especially effective at IBS, arrhythmia, bradycardia, a hypertension, hypotonia, atherosclerosis, postinsultny and postinfarktny states (only not earlier than 6 months after an attack).

Very effective medicine at ORZ and as a prophylactic - the Cedar barrel. At catarrhal and infectious diseases she acts as an inhaler. Herbs which are used at supply of steam in a barrel are an excellent source of essential oils, the phytoncides removing hypostases of mucous membranes, a spasm of airways. In the Cedar barrel at inhalation of fragrant steam there is an expansion of bronchial tubes, respiratory muscles relax, fabrics of respiratory bodies are restored.

Besides, viruses and microbes at high temperatures perish. The cedar barrel makes active respiratory organs, increases organism resilience, conducts it to a victory over an infection. At flu epidemics and other catarrhal diseases it is irreplaceable.

The cedar barrel well helps at muscular overfatigue . Steam sated with curative herbs makes salutary impact on okislitelno - recovery processes in muscles. Inflow of the oxygenated blood speeds up work of cells of muscular tissue, taking off muscular fatigue, restoring operability of muscles. They become soft and elastic. The warming up of a body promotes fast removal of excess of lactic acid which, collecting, causes painful feelings in muscles.

Very much were helped by the Cedar barrel at rehabilitation after injuries and diseases sustavno - the copular device . Influence of steam sated with curative herbs and cedar phytoncides promotes reduction of circumarticular hypostases since outflow of a blue blood and lymph amplifies and there is a restoration of normal functions of joints. Experts - orthopedists established that the Cedar barrel is an excellent prophylactic of pathological changes of a bone tissue and promotes faster and strong formation of a bone callosity at changes and cracks. Considerable improvement of mobility in problem joints at patients after use of the Cedar barrel is noted.

If you have problems with thyroid gland or a pancreas, or bark of adrenal glands , surely use the Cedar barrel. Through the cleaned revealed pores natural medical extracts from herbs and a cedar get into an organism, increasing quantity of various minerals necessary for the person in blood. Thereof activity of bark of adrenal glands, a thyroid gland, gonads is normalized. The cedar barrel promotes also increase in a potentiality . The course of procedures in the Cedar barrel actively influences metabolism , promotes removal from an organism of nitrogenous substances, inorganic phosphorus, sodium of chloride, urea, uric acid.

The cedar barrel is autonomous, takes not enough place and is safe as it does not make any thermal impact on a surrounding situation. The universal design allows to establish it even in own apartment. Left a cedar barrel and at once in a bed. Remarkable addition is herbal tea with honey. A cedar barrel - the real SPA - salon at home and a guarantee of excellent health.