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What is wanted by women?

the Modern man - the personality striving for harmony. It is expressed in creative self-development, in business, in sports hobbies, and, of course, in the relations. The woman - as without her, whether it be your wife, the girl, mother or the new acquaintance who just winked you, passing by. Each of them means to you something special - love, beauty, tenderness, caress, sensuality, sexuality But not everything so smoothly turns out in life.

In the relations with the constant partner or with the wife it is possible to lose sweet feeling of love and novelty. And in this situation it is impossible to throw everything on drift. Surely we take a steering wheel in the strong hand and we taxi from a dangerous site. To overcome dullness - unfortunately, from it not to get to anywhere - the compliment or an unexpected surprise will help to awaken the moments of tenderness and love again. For this purpose it is necessary just to show attention.

Whisper to darling as to the person her a new spring scarf, please with an armful of tulips or camomiles just like that, without March 8. Here you will see - she will appreciate it. Right there from pages of yours with it a romance novel the shadow of offenses or misunderstanding will disappear. Tulips are not pleasant - you give roses - many women prefer them. Claret and red leave for a solemn or special occasion - it will be suddenly necessary to make amends or to persuade on something. If just you want to please the companion of life, Dari white, pink or peach roses; bush too very elegantly look.

If the relations with the darling only begin, and you are at a gain stage, it is necessary to show the best qualities surely. With high probability the girl will estimate such qualities as care, manifestation of interest and understanding, and first of all admiration of its beauty and identity. Nothing makes the woman as happy as feeling of own irresistibility. Compare its beauty to petals of roses of just presented bouquet. Here, of course, roses out of competition. Also orchids show to advantage. Leave other flowers on the subsequent meetings if, of course, definitely you do not know her preferences.

If in plans just to poflirtovat, then use the charm and sharpness here. Here determination and self-confidence is necessary. A cup of coffee or a glass of dry wine, pleasant conversation in which the interlocutor has to hear the name, of course. To make gifts in such cases it is a little inappropriate - the woman can regard it as a posyaganiye on her. And here flowers quite will approach!

If a meeting is planned in advance, it is possible to pick up a suitable bouquet in the Internet - shop, but not to run in search of fresh flowers on the city.

You should not give flowers with a large amount of packing paper - natural materials, and, of course, any raskrashivaniye as that was in one known wonderful country more show to advantage. Remember, the girl Alice bewildered treated such actions of gardeners. Paint on flowers looks, at least, tastelessly, and it becomes to hide not the first freshness of a flower.

Let these small cunnings will bring you good luck. And the delivery service of flowers will help to use these cunnings competently. For example, that the surprise was a surprise, and the spouse did not come across the flowers hidden in a case bought in advance. It is necessary to kiss, congratulate and present when she wakes up, and there is no wish to rise before usual in search of round the clock working salons or pavilions at all. In this case the employee of delivery the Internet - www shop. kleverbuket. ru will bring the ordered bouquet directly home, other business - for you.

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