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How to become the ideal husband? Many men after a wedding forget

that it is necessary to look after the beloved, they already cease to give flowers, to present gifts, boxes of chocolates, do to beloveds complements less, the main goal is achieved, she is your wife and now it is possible to relax, but it for a while if you decided to make of the woman to the slave.

After a wedding various household affairs fall down brittle shoulders of women, and several years of the man later begin to be surprised why their darling so cardinally changed why it became such angry and such cold .

Any relations it is daily work, and joint. If you consider that only your wife has to be in charge of housekeeping, and you at the same time have to live behind all ready, then you are deeply mistaken. If in old time was considered that cleaning and cooking are only female duties to which the woman educated all the day, then now times changed. Now less and less women of housewives, presently women on an equal basis with men work for eight and more hours a day, and as well as men are tired. To it as well as to it, there is a wish to come home - to take a shower, to relax and have a rest, but, alas, in the apartment a mess, there is a wish to eat, and in the refrigerator emptiness and it becomes necessary about a plate, and the hem is pulled by the child and to ask to help it to do homework. And the woman just HAS TO, is OBLIGED to be in time everything, to make everything that all were happy and full. How long it will sustain such rate of life and how will be able long to keep the warm feelings to you? It is time to change something or in the near future you will be left without wife whom so you love. What to do to become that ideal husband on whom it is possible to rely and count in any situation?

1. If after a wedding your young family in the absence of the housing lives with her parents, then try to improve to a wedding good relations with her parents. Be not afraid to help the mother-in-law, look for common interests with the father-in-law that in a consequence you had with them no conflicts once again not to upset the wife. If after a wedding you bring the wife into the house, then give in advance educational conversation with the mother. Let it concerned your wife and not " more softly; saws it that perhaps it something else is not able, or that she made something not so, let will help council better, but also with councils you should not be overzealous. The ideal option it of course to live separately therefore if there is such opportunity, then rent apartment.

2. After a wedding you should not forget that near you the same beloved who as well as to a wedding, loves flowers, compliments.

3. On the weekend try together where - nibud to leave, invite the wife in cafe or just to walk in park, it will only strengthen your relations.

4. Never you should forget also about the appearance, be independent in this plan, let the wife do not remind you that it is time to shave.

5. Whenever possible help the wife about the house. Together you descend in shop, help to inform of heavy bags with products. Take away the child from a garden if you get on well at time, it is not obligatory that the child every time was taken away by the wife, you can too. During week-end it is also possible to allow to the wife to have a rest and bring together the child in theater, circus, a zoo, has to bring up the child not only mother, but also the father. Offer the help in house cleaning.

6. Never forget about family dates, holidays.

7. Never criticize and you do not shout at the wife in public, express the opinion after you remain alone. Also it is not necessary to arrange quarrels in the face of the child, than you can injure the child only. If you do not agree with something, I do not navyazyvaytesvoit the point of view, look for compromises.

8. Be interested in progress and failures of the wife at work, do not forget to ask in the evening after work as it affairs, be always able to listen and support.

9. Never deceive the spouse, be with her honest if it at least once catches you on lie, then you will undermine her confidence, and by this mail there can be many scandals.

If you voluntarily married, try to reconsider the outlooks on life, you not the bachelor, you any more the married man who has a family, duties and responsibility for it. To preserve the peace and rest in a family it is necessary to work constantly on itself and to learn to live near other person in the world and a consent. And for this purpose it is necessary to be attentive to each other, to help each other with everything.