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All men - svo.?

All men of SVO? Already established fact or the theorem which demands proofs?

All men of SVO? In increasing frequency it is possible to hear from the young girls communicating among themselves from the married woman at work, from the disappointed girlfriend and even from grandmothers on shops edge of an ear you catch the phrase that all men of SVO! That sometimes really you begin to trust in this fatal phrase.

What men actually?

At each woman the word the man has the concept, but almost all women equally imagine the ideal man: beautiful, gives flowers, is ready to carry you on hands, adores children, does not drink and does not smoke, but at the same time and does not exist. Not one woman even considering the marriage as happy will not tell that her husband the ideal man, surely will be to steam of these or those qualities which irritate her in darling, but with which she learned to be reconciled.

By definition the man is a male of the person, one of two main floors in a kind of people. It is opposite to the woman on a biological floor.

At what stage the woman understands that her beloved - SVO?

it at different stages of acquaintance, and sometimes even during matrimonial life Occurs. Sometimes it is necessary to the woman only a couple of hours, days to define what man is with it nearby, and sometimes and years.

How occurs so what darling in a flash turn into men of SVO in our eyes?

The reasons - acts for this purpose can be much, but there is a number of the general reasons for which men are included in the category SVO.

U them one sex on mind. As if it was sad

, as if men did not object, but the fact is the fact, men not heart, and not the head think, and is more often the fact that between legs.

Two professors from the Texas university managed to prove, having interrogated several thousands of volunteers that the main reason on which men enter intimate relations - it is external appeal of women, and then desires to give pleasure to itself and to have a good time, and at all not love.

And we women perfectly know it, often even we try to catch the estimating eyes of darling on another, we can even make row about it, but all the same we take offense that the man is keen on us for the purpose of satisfaction of the requirements and that at us in soul least of all concerns them. But it is impossible to do with it anything, it is necessary to be reconciled with this fact. So it developed, such brains at men.

Pomatrosit and Most of the women thrown by men after several months of the romantic relations will throw

, and it is possible and after the first night yaro claim that all men of the swine! About such it is accepted to speak, pomatrosit and threw. But that the most surprising that to such men also pulls women, there is no exact explanation for this fact if only to assume that bad guys look stronger and more successful, and any woman wants that near her there was a leader. And girls in love fly as moths on a flame for the male - the leader, and then quietly suffer and cry, alas, but the love to a coffin did not develop.

Ungrateful gigolos If earlier in a family the man was considered as

as the main getter, and the woman was a keeper of the center, then now a situation cardinally changed. As the statistics testifies, in the world there are more and more men of dependents, or roughly speaking - alfonets, men who quietly live at the expense of women.

The most interesting that in spite of the fact that the woman is the main breadwinner in a family, provides it, the man not only does not hurry to help it with children and economy, but also on the contrary, stands up for the rights even more, tries to specify constantly to the woman her place, including himself - because he was born the one and only owner in the house the man! And who they are after that?

So all men of the swine or not? Rather yes, than is not present, women who are sure of it - the majority. But there are exceptions, and perhaps your darling such copy though you do not hurry with conclusions that then there were less disappointments if suddenly it appears not so, anyway all the time will place in the places.

By the way, men have a similar idea of women. They are also sure that the ideal woman in the nature does not exist and as well as we got used to be reconciled with our shortcomings, considering at the same time that all women of the silly woman, and this statement extends to all that the silly woman in the opinion of the man not to be obligatory to be the blonde. But we will talk about it another time.

And despite mutual discontent with each other, every year thousands of loving couples come to the Registry office to fasten the love with bonds of marriage and to be together for the rest of the natural, the truth it not at all married couples turns out, but unless it matters?

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