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Metro studio - Goldwyn - Mayer: Sad end or new beginning?

the MGM Studio which in due time let out Gone with the Wind and other classical movies, it was forced to put on a regiment the last film about Bond. Whether we will see the lion who is terribly roaring on prompt of the movie again?

James Bond does not love when at him get in the way, but recent circumstances even for the most bright agent of Her Majesty became insuperable. Everything, as usual, rested against money. More precisely, in their absence. Financial problems of legendary studio MGM became the most obvious and only occasion to temporarily postpone creation 23 - go the movie about Bond. The movie which had to become direct continuation of the previous tape, Mercy Quantum . The basic consent was already received from Daniel Craig. Rumors went that part in a picture will be taken by Rachelle Weis, and Sam Mendez had to become the director.

Any Hollywood studio cannot brag so bright past, as at MGM. At once come " back to memory; Ben Gur (11 Oscars) and Gone with the Wind (The most high grossing film of all times - taking into account inflation). This memorable logo with the lion growling in prompt to the movie is associated with Hollywood for a long time and became a synonym of expensive blockbusters. Actually stagnation and decline in the company lasts many years. The only thing that still kept studio afloat, so is several world famous franchizes, one of which was Bondiana. Well and of course rights for the screen version of works of Tolkien.

The financial situation became aggravated in November of last year when the total debt of the company grew to a mark of nearly 4 billion dollars that forced never creditors to make strict requirements - now or. As a result, the studio decided to sell the assets through auction, however persons interested to be spent appeared very little. Among those who already managed to express the desire to redeem MGM - Time Warner, Lionsgate (which recently left the auction) and even the billionaire Leonard Blavatnik. But any of them does not agree to pay more than 2 billion.

As a result, owners of the rights for the screen version of books of Ian Fleming, the producer tandem consisting of Barbara Brokkoli and Michael Wilson, heads of the Eon Productions company came to a conclusion that it is unreasonable to continue to make investments in production of a picture which could not be started then in hire. In the joint statement for the press they declared that, considering the unstable position MGM in the market and very uncertain future of studio, shooting 23 - guo Bond they are also postponed indefinitely. In other words, it is unknown when production of the movie is resumed and also date of an exit of a tape to the screen is unclear.

Admirers of Bondiana should not despair, of course. Remembering cash merits of this franchize, sooner or later there will be those who will continue begun. Long breaks between the next series already happened. Between a premiere Gold eye with Pierce Brosnan and the previous picture about the agent 007 adventures, License for murder with Timothy Dalton`s participation, there passed 6 years. The leading man in the last two tapes, Daniel Craig did not express also a shadow of doubt in the made decision, having told that he completely trusts opinion of producers.

One of the most recognizable brands of Hollywood as it is sad, fell the victim of continuous change of strategy and owners. With each new owner the studio lost part of the kinoteka and got a bigger debt ballast. 30 - e years of the last century of steel for the MGM company peak of development and power. It was the only Hollywood firm which, due to incredibly successful acquisitions and investments of capital, could endure the Great depression without loss.

After World War II production of movies significantly fell (from 50 to 30 pictures annually), but, nevertheless, the studio retained the most known stars of that time - Greta Garbo, Joan Crawford, Jean Harlou and Clark Gable. Still unambiguous hits - musical movies with Frank Sinatra`s participation and " continued to be issued; Ben Gur with Charlton Heston.

Corporate frauds which as a result ruined the company began in 1967, together with its sale to the wineproducing magnate Edgar Bronfman who later was forced to resell 2 years studio to the millionaire from Nevada, to Kirk Kerkorian. That, in turn, was more interested not in production of movies, and in the MGM logo which it planned to use in the casinos in Las - Vegas. Also Ted Turner (it was forced to withdraw purchase 74 days of possession later) and the compromised Italian financier Giancarlo Parretti was convicted of desire to grab MGM.

Recently auction was prolonged again, till May, 2010 this time. And it is still not clear where and when the nice history MGM ends. Studio which published Doctor Zhivago TV series The Guy from U. N. C. L. E. and animated cartoons about Tom and Gerry. Anyway, analysts claim that anyway as it stands the company will soon cease to exist. The sad end for those who once could claim with all confidence that they have in a stock more stars, than in heaven .