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Chrono Cross - the Japanese role-playing game of

of hrono Cross - the Japanese role-playing game developed by the Square company and which left on the Sony PlayStation prefix on November 18, 1999 in Japan and on August 15, 2000 in the USA. It is not continuation of world famous Chrono Trigger, but communication between these games is obvious. Chrono Cross was developed generally by the screenwriter and the director Masato Kato and programmers working on Chrono Trigger including the artistic director Yasuyuki Honne (English) and the sound producer Minora Akao. The composer Yasunori Mitsuda wrote a soundtrack for Chrono Cross, and to Nobuter of Jukka (English) created characters

Action of game is developed in alternative reality, on the fictional archipelago Ale - Nido, but not on the continent, as in Chrono Trigger. This time the main character - the young man from the small fishing settlement by the name of Serge (English Serge) who got to the parallel world where events developed differently, than in its world. Here also Serge`s adventures begin. Thus, two worlds - House (English Home World) from where a sort Serge, and Another appear in game (English Another World). Long travel is necessary to the main character while he, at last, does not learn all truth about the past and about why it appeared in other world.

Chrono Cross was highly appreciated by critics, Game Rankings, for example, appropriated to game the general assessment in 92,22%, based on opinion of 39 observers. More than 1,5 million copies of game were sold worldwide, and in Japan it was included in the Ultimate Hits edition. Besides, the gift " edition was issued; Millenium Edition including a calendar, hours and a disk with music from game.

A gameplay

In Chrono Cross the player operates small group (at most from three people) at which surely there is a main character Serge. Movement according to the world map is carried out also, as well as in many other JRPG - or on foot, or by the boat (in several cases - by air). A look in game always only from the third party. From the world map, respectively, it is possible to get to various locations - the cities, the woods and caves on which the player can move absolutely freely, except for a situation when access in a certain place is impossible on a plot. The player can travel also freely around all world map, but access to certain locations opens only after a certain stage of game (or only for some time).

the World map, the player moves by the boat

Graphics to Chrono Cross considerably improved in comparison with Chrono Trigger. All fights became three-dimensional, and in other cases 3D models and the rendered 2D backs are used. As before, the player can interact with other characters of game, but the number of additional quests considerably increased. Use of special objects is provided in Chrono Cross: for example, to move to the parallel world, it is necessary to use the Astral Amulet in a certain place.

Monsters in game locations live life now, that is fight begins not in a random way, and or on a plot (for example, fight with the boss), or at approach of the player to the monster. Besides, the monster can even jump out of an ambush on Serge`s group [8].

It is necessary to notice that one detail, very important for RPG, is not in Chrono Cross - characters have no level of development. The won battle members of group receive several points of health, protection and other parameters for everyone, and at a victory over the boss the player receives star . These stars it is possible to use for calling in fight of mighty beings