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Why equestrian sport is inhumane? What

C it a time animals began to play sports? What does all this mean? This phrase?

And here other combination - stud, how it to you? Normally?! Only not just read, and ponder, comprehend!!

Strange creations these people. Yes, perhaps, the story about horses should be begun with the fact that people strange and fantastically hypocritical creations.

Usually about horses and about other animals begin the story so: they are such fine, sensitive and so forth?

Yes. Certainly, animals admire, please the most part of people, children - that precisely all. But all - only one admiration - it, you know, one-sidedly, somehow defectively, defectively exists, often completely coming off original reality.

Something pulls us since the childhood to these surprising creations, such strong light love. Everyone, being a child, felt compassion to brothers smaller, and someone tests still. We are pleased by pictures with cheerful porosyatka and kind cows with fantastic eyes.

However if show to people movies where true life of these animals is presented, then many just do not watch to the end or begin to associate with all this gloom of those who shoot movies and show.

Remain indifferent, just try to forget about what was seen, burying the mind under heaps of stereotypes and a cliche, being afraid to change something, to seem not it in society. The price of such conformism with society - billions of exploited killed animals and people too.

As a matter of fact in order that, say, there is no meat, there is enough concept about what to kill - it is bad. However for most of people of this simple and healthy argument it is not enough.

But, let us assume, that most of people (and it is not present so) are absolutely indifferent to foreign sufferings. But that they have to treat themselves kindly! Normal reaction of the person to a corpse is expressed in some disgust. Even if the person is also indifferent to bloody scenes, then the smelly decaying hulk at him should not tempt any appetite. But it does not stop people from destruction of the organism, and many are sure that refusal of meat will bring to their body inevitable death.

The same history happens to riding. It is bad to operate, very few people will argue with it. However, this phenomenon so took roots that to prove lover in horses to horsemen inhumanity of their occupation, it is necessary to do it very long and persistently, and that very few people from them are capable of refusal of the entertainment. Moreover, the person until the end of the days will be convinced of own kindness. In it the obvious force of a gregarious reflex, this automatic life on false concepts is shown.

The most terrible in this history - deep human self-deception. In a case with meat (milk, eggs) of people just does not face his production and easily thinks out different excuses, benefit the state very much promotes it, or the person does not think at all of how IT to it got.

With equestrian sport a little differently if at the amateur level still it is possible not to think of the actions, then further horsemen need absolutely tremendous imagination. Yes, yes the imagination, ability not to notice reality, to go blindly, to live in eternal deception.

How everything begins? People, as a rule, madly loving horses, come to a stable. There they are given by love to these animals, they think and speak only about horses, fanatically buy all goods with horse symbolics.

What occurs further? The person adjoining some community, rising in someone`s system, always risks to lose the true opinion. Some child in a stable says that it is bad to beat animals and right there people around accuse him of weakness, of lack of character. To beat horses - for most of horse athletes is to show force, the advantage. Being in similar society, the child accepts it as the truth.

In 80 - x years 20 - go centuries began to be formed sparing methods of work with a horse. Everything began, the truth not with ideas of a non-violence at all, just some enterprising cowboys understood that ability to come into contact with a horse and safe communication with it - quite good goods, plus just there was a practical need for the best obedience of a horse.

So, in America, one young trainer Pat Parelli thought up the term Natural Horsmenship. In Russia this concept began to appear only about five years ago

Began to appear and other similar techniques, for example Dzhoyn - ap thought up by Monty Roberts. However, this person works in the sphere of sport and ippodromny tests, doing a technique of destruction of a horse of a little more effective.

However and Parelli and others often cooperate and help athletes. From all soft techniques of work with horses, only From Ekol Nevzorova completely denies any relation to the industry of sport, iron use and so forth

Actually concerning horses in Russia ice started in 2004, with an exit to " screens; Horse Encyclopedia A. G. Nevzorova, in one of series of which the situation with equestrian sport was very in detail and well explained. However the wave of refusal of equestrian sport passed after repeated display reduced already one-episode " after a while; horse encyclopedia .

Unlike the foreigners working generally for the industry of sport and tourism, Nevzorov drew very clear boundary, designated that with equestrian sport there can be no compromises. Thereby, it surprised even the West where its movie was also shown and made a certain success. However, some looked at the head Sport through fingers became interested more in what elements of the Higher School carry out his horses.

Thus the people organizing in the stables something like a horses shelter began to appear. And it not only in the large cities.

Now the people who are engaged in recovery of horses after sport are very important. Animals find rest and the quiet horse happiness. Children learn to be on friendly terms, but not to force.

But even there are now people who for similar occupations instead of rescuing some animal from a slaughter, buy to themselves foals of elite breeds for more effective training.

Many plan work in circus. In the West with free horses horse shows are arranged for a long time... Whether well to horses to go over the country, to act on public whether any receptions and trick are necessary to them?

Education of a horse on soft to techniques is based on creation of the attitude of a horse towards the person as to the leader, the leader pass - herd. As far as it is natural how it will affect mentality of a horse? The future will show. But I consider that the only occasion to support an animal, it to rescue it from something.

Otherwise the policy, the " type turns out; my favourite slave which to what good will not bring. Of course, it would be desirable to believe in understanding between the person and a horse, but experience of the past advises to prick up the ears.

It would be desirable to note one more tendency. Ways of animal activists and fans horses for some reason always dispersed. Possibly, it is connected with the fact that the last to torment the love some extreme was always necessary. On war, on hunting, nowadays - just in the wood, in a campaign, or in an arena.

And the fauna for some refused equestrian sport still is divided into horses and other . But they try, do not torment the horses any more - and that is good (the truth it happened to meet and such who not against to sweep with a bridle on foreign horse). That is, to the people who gave half-lives on formation of skills on oppression and violence over a horse, refusal of such occupation seems really heroic.

The fact that already repeatedly in Moscow and St. Petersburg opposite to large Konno - the sports centers big billboards were established with pleases agit - the posters opening an essence of equestrian sport. It is, certainly, an indicator of high organization and power of the movement.

I hope that the people who read article will draw the correct conclusions and will better treat dumb animals.