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The group Die Verbannten Kinder Evas


Musical Collective Die Verbannten Kinder Evas it was formally educated in March, 1994 Richard Lederer and Michael Gregor. However in 1993 Richard thought up the first sintezatorny sketches which were approved subsequently by Michael and were an incitement for formation of the project. Initially the group consisted of participants black - Summoning metal bands, but soon joined founders vocalists Julia Lederer and Nora El Shammah. Subsequently demos - tapes from material in which completely entered 1995 on a debut album of the same name Witchunt Records published by a label were written down two. After release of an album from structure the vocalist of Nora and the co-founder Silenius left, and in 1996 the project passes to a new label - M. O. S. Records which was located in the Principality of Liechtenstein, and Oliver Fulk known on participation in Weltenbrand was its owner.

The second album Come Heavy Sleep leaves just on the specified label in September, 1997. However cooperation, in view of violation of the personal relations between Oliver and Richard, was not fated to continue and the group passes to other label again - the Austrian Napalm Records. On this label in 1999 there is the third album In Darkness Let Me Dwell on which the new vocalist Tanya Borski sang (Tanya is from the Czech Republic, has some musical skills - took lessons of classical singing at music school).

In 2006 the group let out the fourth album, Dusk And Void Became Alive which wrote down with the new vocalist, Christina of Kroustal.

Music and lyrics

the Group plays slow and melancholic music with pure female and man`s vocals on which John Dowland and Percy Bysshe Shelley`s verses were put. Richard does not like to write independently lyrics, and prefers to use borrowed:

I can easily express the feelings music, but here make it words it turns out at me not so well.

Richard Lederer intentionally refuses use live tools, preferring sound of a synthesizer.

A discography

* 1995 - Die Verbannten Kinder Evas

* 1997 - Come Heavy Sleep

* 1999 - In Darkness Let Me Dwell

* 2006 - Dusk And Void Became Alive


Present structure

* Richard Lederer (Richard Lederer Protector ) - synthesizer and vocal

* Christina of Kroustal (Christina Kroustali Lady of Carnage ) - vocal

Former participants

* Michael Gregor (Michael Gregor Silenius ) - a synthesizer and a vocal

* Julia Lederer - a vocal

* Tanya Borski - a vocal


* Richard Lederer (Richard Lederer Protector ) - synthesizer and vocal

* Michael Gregor (Michael Gregor Silenius ) - synthesizer and vocal

Translation off. biographies:

the First tracks, ispolzuyeshcheyasya for DVKE were written approximately in 1993. this time Richard was a little sick only an opportunity for creation of music in group, found big offers new opportunities of the keyboard of music. he, at last, was succeeded to create a full tool track completely in itself. Michael Gregor (member other " project; call ) loved those tracks, and also had several good ideas of the keyboard (for example, the main motive dragon Voice etc.) they created together Die Verbannten Kinder of Eve . Actually it was Michael which found this German line that means sent children the day before which it found in revival the booklet by search of a new song for one of the songs. The name should not contain special messages, it was chosen because it is favorable also with mood of music. At last, some of a song, where from different poets, and others where Raymond Wells (the inspirer " is written; Pazuzu ) . Later Richard got acquainted with Ale - Shamma Nora who decided to make a female vocal together with the sister of Richard Julia Lederer on a song to the order to unite them with obvious a vocal Michael and Richard. DVKE let out two demos, all songs were entered a debut album from there subsequently. Soon after the first one Richard received the letter from the Swiss label Witchhunt Recs . And contractwas is signed soon.

In March, 1995 the first album DVKE (of the same name) was let out, and received good reactions. Soon after an exit Nora left group from - for lack of interest to such music. Michaelhas at the left and to concentrate on Convocation so the group at that time consisted of two people only Richard and Julia. At this time Richard got to the " company; Oliver Falk that began a label MOSrecords and soon decided to replace a label, in hope for more equitable distribution. Being an admirer of DVKE, Oliver Richard is offered to make near vocal melodies for a new album Weltenbrand Das Nachtvolk .