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How to become successful. An indispensable condition of success

the Average person perceives obstacles in the way negatively. People try to avoid them and are careful, without understanding that problems are an advance.

In my opinion, problems at people arise from - for wrong the relations to problems. Negative attitude to problems of people attracts more and more problems in the life.

Meanwhile very few people notice that problems do life more various (understand me correctly).

If there were no problems, we hardly so would appreciate positive in our life. Problems do life intelligent. Problems and obstacles in your life promote changes.

Without problems there will be no opportunity to succeed. Existence of obstacles is a condition of success. If there was no wind resistance - birds would not fly. The motor boat will not float without water resistance force.

The rich father of Robert Kiyosaki was a loser at school who was constantly beaten and humiliated by peers. He did not graduate from school. It was a serious obstacle for it, but by 40 years it had several businesses and hundreds of real estate objects, it became financially - independent. Here really tremendous success!

Albert Einstein at school was considered feeble-minded, but now around the world he is considered the great scientist.

We consider great people great just because they overcame multiple obstacles in the life.

Avoiding a problem, you miss the window of favorable opportunities. Often people miss the most important, turning point in the life. It is a pity that we too late understand it.

The problem of illiteracy became a basis for development of an education system, the problem of diseases became a basis for development of medicine

Most of people all the life seek to get rid of responsibility, problems and cares.

When you once again will have this desire, remember the examples given by me, remember that any great cause was not made without overcoming of obstacles, and stop at nothing, go through a wall of barriers and then you will achieve worthy result.

Remember, at all times big problems generated huge success!

P. S. I prepared for you a motivational roller. Look please, it is interesting to know your opinion.