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Levoruky child of

Author: Armless M. of M

Almost all people on the earth pravoruky, and only part of them - others, not such, as all. They write and sew, eat and work the left hand. So it is more convenient, easier for them, is more handy. But for this reason parents so worry, having noticed that their child acts with the left hand more actively.

That it is fear of some real problems or just unwillingness to understand the child, awkwardness that he is “another“? Most often is a misunderstanding of a situation, ridiculous prejudices or just ignorance.

We know much about levoruky and... almost anything. There are legends of fantastic abilities and even genius of levoruky. But it is only legends. Are so unsubstantiated in the careful analysis and data on a levorukost as pathologies.

One is obvious: levoruky it was always not really cozy in the pravoruky world. Otherwise how to explain existing in different languages, at the different people and in different cultures negative word meanings left and levoruky? In Latin, Greek, French, German, English, Chinese languages word synonyms left are false, illegal, awkward, inept, clumsy and even angry, mean, dishonest. Right and left are always opposed though it is quite possible that behind positive (right) and negative (left) characteristics there is no negative attitude to the levoruky person. The symbolical ranks connected with right and left in the different cultures shared by space and time are very similar. So, ancient Greeks associated right with limited, the only thing, a machismo, with rest, light, good, and left - with an unlimited set, with a feminine, the movement, darkness, the evil.

The alerted relation to everything is peculiar to the person that drops out of a generality picture. Presently not vigilance, but interest, aspiration to understand levoruky and to learn about them more, understanding of naturalness of distinctions is, apparently, a way of the civilized relation to a levorukost phenomenon.

However prejudices are hardy. “I mind understand everything - mother of the levoruky boy explains - I understand that it is not defect, but to watch how he writes with the left hand, I cannot“. The child very thinly feels the relation of adults and furthermore mothers. Even if she tells nothing, to the kid everything will be told by her look, a mimicry, gesture. It is difficult to hide negative attitude. This mother looks at a levorukost the same as representatives of a nationality of Yoruba in Nigeria where the left hand still call unusable, and levoruky consider abnormal.

Negative attitude to levoruky in our country has the history. In 1924 doctor A. Kapustin in work “A children`s levorukost and a problem of education of the left hand“ presented results of research of lefthanders in neurologic clinic. Its conclusion: “Among lefthanders there can be children quite normal in every respect, i.e. possess good physical development and high degree of endowments, but most often (approximately in 3/4 cases) the lefthander everything is there is a degenerate“. Examination was conducted in neurologic clinic, i.e. among sick children therefore so sharp assessment had no reasons.

Unfortunately, ideas of communication between a levorukost and low level of intellectual development exist and today in spite of the fact that special psychological researches proved their insolvency.

Aspiration to make levoruky “such as all“, “to level“, and sometimes in addition and “harmoniously to develop“ created a problem of their reeducation. At us ceased to retrain actively and violently such children in kindergarten and at school only in recent years. More and more seldom families where the child is retrained by parents meet. However grandmothers and grandfathers quite often persist. We will stop on a reeducation problem separately.

The main thing that should be understood and remembered - the reeducation can not only create difficulties in today`s life of the growing-up person, but also to become a problem for many years.

Here excerpt from the letter of the woman which was retrained in the childhood:

“I am the lefthander who is very sharply enduring the pereuchennost which I perceive as “reartificiality“ rather. I lived with feeling of own inferiority, awkwardness for the fact that I do a lot of things not so, “as all people“, and only in many years received simplification from thought, from inspiration: I - normal, with the advantages and shortcomings, but normal“.

Really, the levorukost cannot be an obstacle for achievement of success in life. We know a great number of remarkable athletes, musicians, artists, doctors, journalists - lefthanders.

In many countries already since the beginning of the 20th century not only do not retrain levoruky, but also try to create all conditions for their normal life. It would seem, a trifle - scissors or the sewing machine for levoruky, however it not just facilitates them work, but demonstrates attention of society to needs of each person.

We have no definite and definite answer to many questions of a levorukost yet. Riddles of its origin are not opened yet, we know about psychological and physiological features of levoruky people very little, but with confidence it is possible to tell that the levorukost cannot be the cause of any deviations in development or decrease in mental and physical capacities.

It is necessary to notice that expressiveness of a pravorukost and levorukost happens different. There are people able to work only left or only the right hand. They are called still by “the expressed lefthanders“, “the expressed right-handed persons“. Someone uses mainly one hand, but is able to perform the same operations other hand (“not expressed lefthanders“ and “not expressed right-handed persons“). There are also those who equally well perform any operations, even very difficult (including the letter, drawing, knitting, etc.) both the right, and left hand. Such people are called ambidexters (from armor. ambo - both, dexter - right).

Questions which parents of levoruky children most often ask to answer are typical: whether

Is valid they “others“, “special“?

B than are shown these features? whether

needs to retrain the child or once the nature trusts and to give it the chance to develop as it develops, and to work that hand what is more convenient and easier? whether

the Truth that levoruky have unusual talents?

Why so different lefthanders?

, Why levoruky left hands?

How to define, whether really the child of left hands?

We will try to answer these and many other questions to fathers and mothers, grandmothers and grandfathers, tutors and teachers, all who are concerned by these problems.

But the main thing - we want to convince adults that the levoruky child requires special attention and special approach not because he levoruky but because it, as well as any child, is unique and individual. To it has to be quietly and conveniently live in the pravoruky world to perceive this world as the, but not as the stranger.