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Who can be considered as the competent person?

Functional illiteracy - this such condition of the person when it seems that he succeeds in life (he can long argue on different subjects, using compound words and phrases, for example), and actually he so badly reads and writes that he, in effect, is illiterate. Such person usually does not catch the sense written or distorts it, cannot express the thoughts so that it could be understood easily and often shows discontent that it is not heard, do not understand

of People which is not capable to work in life (not capable to carry out necessary functions, not able to do it, not trained though, it seems, and studied - functionally illiterate ) - here a product of systems of school education which still just nursed the pupils during the entire period of training, and then set them free, without having given them any chance to make the contribution to society. And society will be almost for certain forced to give them support: the person who badly is able to handle mechanisms (on production and in life), is traumatized more often and is on the sick-list; the one who is able nothing has problems with employment more often, not to mention people who reach prison, and the part of the taxes withheld from the income of the working people leaves on their food and contents.

Term functional illiteracy actually, means simply illiteracy - this illiteracy shows the level of traditional educational system to which our youth is entrusted; this system does not bring to them (and to all of us) the slightest advantage.

Carried out at the end of 70 - x years the tests developed by L. Ron Hubbard showed that graduates of college do not understand a lot of things from what they read (testing was held on texts from popular literature which tested usually read just for the hell of it). Though they could pronounce words, they not to explain that many of those words which they pronounced mean, and as a result - actually did not understand what was read. Their ability to study was low. These data would not surprise even teachers of the best private universities which quite often face what students are incapable to understand read, regardless of how many points they gathered at standard entrance examinations. As for Russia, this statement is confirmed by results of two international researches: TIMSS and PISA.

L. Ron Hubbard still in 50 - x noticed years how this problem arose, and by 1964 he developed the technology of training which opened a way to progress in the field of education. At the end of 70 - x, however, he saw that, owing to the accruing decline of culture, even even more radical measures are required. By that moment generations of people which were filled up with a huge number misunderstood them information already grew. These people took a position of the audience. They are out of communication with life that, in effect, means that they are not able to inform of the messages others and cannot understand what they are told.

Moreover, L. Ron Hubbard clearly saw that if someone can understand really what he reads and hears, and can make so that others understood him, then all life will be open for him. To the contrary, life will be closed for the person in the same degree in which he cannot express the thoughts, achieve that others understood him and to understand what he is told.

Solving the problem consisting that in the world there is no communication L. Ron Hubbard developed a method by means of which not only it is possible to make the illiterate person competent, but also to increase ability of any person to understand and be understood .

It is also a key to life.

Trying to cope with a problem of absence of understanding, L. Ron Hubbard applied familiar for a long time to it a method: a solution by gradual approach to a studying subject. He resorted to this method already many times, based on that assumption that though he almost all can become too difficult for understanding, there are hardly some obstacles simplifying any subject to its bases.

However, having addressed an illiteracy problem, he found out that he is face to face with a unique situation. To that he tried to do, was a difficult task. Namely: at first to find out that it interferes with understanding, and then to offer tools , necessary to cope with it, and thus to make communication possible. In other words, in the beginning he has to establish why so many people are illiterate, and then it needed to find a way to cope with it. Earlier he found out why students cannot study: the misunderstood word accompanied with existence of other obstacles in training was the main responsible for it (they are described in textbooks on technology of training, such as Learn to study or Guide to training bases ) . But it is obvious, it was insufficiently to solve a problem, and further simplification was required.

In it is that and the puzzle which L. Ron Hubbard faced consisted: how to explain value of this or that word to the student who does not even understand that even those words which are used to explain this value mean?

Researches led it to understanding of roots of this problem; he realized that fact causing alarm that this phenomenon - misunderstood word - goes back to the basis of language, to his simplest words. Under the simplest we mean such words as but and or it them so on at and so on. Words which we use most often. What he called small common words . Words, which, according to teachers, are known to everyone .

Certainly, to these not all suffer, but almost everyone is subject to it to some extent. Offer people the phrase: Straight line, as arrow and you will find out that the majority will not be able to give definition to the word as . And this word which is daily used hundreds of times.

It does not mean that everyone who is not capable to give definition to this word can be referred automatically to category illiterate, but it shows that almost each person can improve the understanding. And when we will take into account the fact found by L. Ron Hubbard at the beginning of the last decade - a: when someone faces the misunderstood word, he ceases to understand what he reads or listens, and not completely realizes and acquires what follows after the misunderstood word, - we will see here the reason of why the world in some degree is in confusion and why he is not capable to communicate.

The solution, of course, was found. If it is interesting to you to learn more about technology of training, ways of clearing of words, about the solution of problems of education (up to the problems known as dizleksiya and hyperactivity ) - we invite you to free lecture which is given on Saturdays at 12 o`clock in the afternoon in Applied Formation of the CIS. To register in lecture, and also to ask the questions concerning education and elimination of problems in training it is possible, having called by phone in Moscow (495) 509 - 46 - 02.

Also you can pass a free test for abilities to training.

Be competent, formed and successful in life!