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Painting on hemp is an exclusive?

About what exclusive in painting can there be a speech if it is about the master who works in the academic style, registers scrupulously each dab. Over each work philosophizes, argues and even considers the direction of wind, rising and a sunset, a season that the landscape was real, natural, shone, was pleasing to the eye and warmed soul?

To put it briefly, realism all this is called.

What new can be invented in realism that it could be carried to the category of an exclusive? Yes anything! Realism it and in Africa realism. Nobody planned to invent the bicycle, however an exclusive at us all - appeared. everything began

I with the village Red guerrillas which collapsed between two cities in Ukraine - also Chernihiv Is gentle.

Friends, city dwellers, dreamed to buy a lodge in the village because they grew up in the village. Wanted that the earth was how oil that the small river flew nearby, the wood was present, but the most important criterion of their choice was, you know that? You will not believe - the Russian furnace! Here such miracle all of them - found

and by phone greedily sang to me about the earth, the small river, crucians and carps, newly-baked bread, baked milk and even raspberry jam at them flowed like water. Did not sustain my curiosity - I threw the Crimean coast and left to this village to get acquainted with dream of friends.

For me the village is a smell of manure, grunting of pigs, a kryakanye of ducks, kersey boots and jerseys. Here what - what, but to the village me and gingerbreads you will not tighten! I did not even suspect what delight will capture from first minute when I leave an electric train. it is difficult for

to surprise me with Fresh air since I live on the bank of two seas and freshness at us enough, but that air which I felt on the platform of this village, slightly from legs did not knock down me. Such feeling that it can be eaten with a spoon - dense, sated with needles and greens, aroma of flowers with a shade of a haymaking and something else, far and forgotten, but such native that even I will get down proshiblo. To see - that there was a delicate aroma of manure.

the Village as the Chinese Shanghai, was on wheels - young and old all moved by bicycles. I was carried on a dyrchik under the name the scooter.

our dyrchik dissected dense dirty pools, and on ukhabina suspiciously growled. I death grip seized the equestrian, understanding what on the following ukhabena of forces will not be enough and I will cure from a saddle. The first feelings of delight left at all, sliped thought why did not take with itself rubber boots, and was secured to the village on new hairpins.

When gave a ride to me to the house, I understood that it was built by Chippolino and as that became sad. But, having got to embraces of the happy girlfriend from whom smelled of fresh bread, the soul started singing, began to spin. I was seated at the table at the furnace. I was heated, kneading home-made bread, raspberry jam and a spoon ate baked milk with a golden, dense crust. The girlfriend strove at the furnace, bragged of pig-iron cauldrons, the oven fork and pots which found on gorishche - the attic is called. In me passion to search woke up - I knew what is not still investigated on an attic. Knew that I am waited there by a gift.

I was not mistaken! Under a century dust layer I found two rolls of self-woven fabric from hemp. At the end of the XIX century cultivation of hemp was one of the main earnings of peasants of the Chernihiv province.

peasants of this edge almost everywhere put on More than 1100 years ago in the hempy fabrics made own hands in house conditions. Women during that time on custom of the ancestors were obliged to spin, weave, sheathe and supply with clothes of all members of the numerous families.

Ya understood that I hold in hand hi from a century before last. This hi remained in an amazing state, it is gray - white color with a greenish shade said to me that it is a rubashechny canvas, fibers of hemp of excellent quality. Naturally, in the last 100 years do not produce a canvas for painting from hemp any more. And it was called a hempen canvas. my

Yo, I already consciousness was in the workshop, I already pulled and grounded a hempen canvas for the artist. And I already accurately realized that only I will have a painting on hemp. And it will be called the EXCLUSIVE!

my thought was pleasant to all, and she has the right for life! Over this gift from the past I shiver as a kvochka over eggs. And it is natural, I allow the artist to touch this canvas only if there is a decent order.

Of course, the artist can write on anything, beginning from a canvas, asphalt, finishing with a fence, and it will also be called a work of art, but let though somebody will brag that he is an owner of the work of art written on a canvas of handwork of the nineteenth century from hemp - I will not believe!

U us such pictures was written only two: the first - Morning (now in Canada) and the picture To Elizabeth - in Siberia.

I if who wishes to have what anybody does not have, I invite to dialogue.

I all - an exclusive is painting on hemp or not? It would be desirable to learn your opinion!