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In what secret of Chinese cuisine? Everything is simple - it is tasty and it is useful for health!

throughout centuries many generations of the Chinese culinary specialists improved ways of preparation of various dishes of ethnic cuisine which reached as one of numerous cultural heritages of the Chinese people up to now.

The famous Chinese philosopher Confucius was a big gourmet and some rules of cooking reached and up to now. In his opinion, a meat proportion a dish has to make about one third of total of all vegetables. Also it is necessary to add a little ginger to any food. All products in Chinese cuisine cut straws or small pieces. By the way, meat, a bird and fish should be cut the same pieces and the same form, as other products. If you were at the real Chinese restaurants, then you noticed this feature of ethnic cuisine because these rules are carried out to this day.

In Chinese cuisine all gifts of the nature are used. Not without reason in China speak: Inedible is not present, there are bad cooks .

The most part of the products necessary for preparation of national Chinese dishes, it is possible to find freely on counters of shops. And at all there is no need to visit the Chinese restaurants at which the dishes prepared from not absolutely qualitative products can quite meet and it is unprofitable to go to restaurants.

Today I want to offer you several simple, but tasty salads from Chinese cuisine.

RULE: If you have not just vegetable salad, and with meat or fish pieces, what your salad would look beautifully, tasty and corresponded to canons of the Chinese ethnic cuisine - do not mix salad ingredients. The main products have to be well visible. At first do salad, stack it on a plate a hill, and from above shrimps, meat or a bird already beautifully spread.

Eggplants garlic salad

For 2 portions

1 small eggplants, sesame oil of 2 tablespoons, garlic 2 - 3 segments, soy sauce 60 gr (50 gr. To pour in a small pialka separately - about 3 tablespoons) vinegar of 1 tablespoon (only not a concentrate! Be attentive)

clear the Eggplant, wash out, cut out a fruit stem, cut in half (lengthways) and steam to readiness. After cooling boiled eggplants cut straws, add soy sauce, sesame oil, vinegar, salt to taste. Eggplants mix with all ingredients, stirring up them in ware, and then a hill put in a salad bowl or on a plate then they strew with melkorubleny garlic.

Perfectly approaches under tart wine or just for friendly a sit-round gathering.

Salad from kidneys with a cucumber

of the Kidney pork 250 gr, 1 average cucumber, soy sauce 1 of h l., sesame oil 1 of h l.

Pork kidneys clear of films and fat, wash out, cut straws, and then scald boiled water, throw back and cool. It is better to spread on a plate or a salad bowl, with a flat bottom. Cucumbers cut straws and stack on kidneys. Soy sauce and oil mix and water from above.

Surprisingly kidneys do not seem crude and salad works excitingly. tomatoes Salad

Tomatoes fresh 2 pieces, sugar sand of 1 tablespoon

Tomatoes wash out

, cut out fruit stems and cut circles, 3 mm thick. Put a hill in a salad bowl and strew with granulated sugar.

Taste turns out amazing turned sour - sweet, well is suitable for a romantic dinner.

Next time we will get acquainted with some secrets of preparation of the Chinese hot dishes