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Schwarzenegger and cinema. Whether they are necessary each other?

This sacramental question rose an edge after a world premiere of the second trailer to a new superfilm of Silvester Stallone Uncontrollable in which for the first time since 2004 on the screen there was an acting governor of the State of California. The only acting American governor, whose name is known not only in the USA, but also around the world. And whose term on this post expires at the beginning of 2011.

All urgently forgot about the current problems, low ratings, increase of taxes and educational crisis. Admirers and fans are concerned now by much more important questions. Whether Arney`s appearance in the new movie is only the swan song of his actor`s career before it goes to a new political adventure (perhaps, will hold a post in Obama`s administration)? Or it is a feeler of a new round of its Hollywood expansion?

Today`s work of Schwarzenegger, in fact, differs from that mission a little that to him is offered by Bruce Willis in a roller Uncontrollable . The chair of the governor of California is powder keg . It is no wonder that Arney dreams to get rid of this burden somewhat quicker. On the other hand, it is unlikely he will want that its work on an arena of politics became the last impression about it. When politicians leave the post, they often try " again; to ingratiate to society which they during the board surely disappointed with something. So, let us assume, Arnold can be engaged in public work, by an example of the former president Bill Clinton. Or again to receive a leading role at cinema.

In three decades that Schwarzenegger is in the center of attention, he showed surprising ability to transformations. The Austrian immigrant from body builders turned into a star of movies of category B, then moved to a rank of superstars of fighters soon to open in himself remarkable comedy talent and as a result to come to be at a wheel of the biggest staff across the territory.

America loves returns. Especially wait for it from the person who is famous for the numerous promise to return . Perhaps, new actor`s progress rehabilitates it in the opinion of public?

The statistics is relentless. The former heads and politicians who came to the positions from show - business (for example, Ronald Reagan), nevermore came back to a former profession. At the same time there are persons who often endow the duties for the sake of any opportunity to stand out on the screen of the TV and only and wait for an opportunity to return (as well-known Sarah Palin). There are also other examples. So, Jesse Ventura with whom Arnold several times shared a shooting stage ( Predator The Running Man Batman and Robin ) after departure from the job of the governor of Minnesota, continued the career in cinema and on radio.

So, what possible ways of succession of events?

We will be fair, the old times Schwartz will hardly pull a title role in the big project. Outside already not the eightieth, and to the actor 63 will already knock on July 30. At this age it is already not so easily and fervently run with M - 16 atilt. Moreover, not each producer will dare to finance so risky show. Of course, the last unconditional actor`s good luck happened at Schwarzenegger in far 1994 in James Cameron`s picture Truthful lie . The subsequent fighters disappointed his many admirers. And muffled Stiratel and dreadful Doomsday and very poor Sixth day and Compensation of damage . The last effective exit of Arney made thanks to the crown image in the third Terminator - and many audience already then noted that the actor grew old for a role hero of fighters .

Well, there is also other option. The same Silvester Stallone successfully returned on the big screen, having removed two low budget actions - Rocky Balboa and Rambo . The nuance is that Schwarzenegger in a track record has no similar long-playing characters. The colonel Metriks from Kommando ? Whom will he rescue this time, the granddaughter? Or the captain Danko from Red heat served to the general? The place in Terminator it is not vacant any more and Predators already almost got a remake with a fresh cast.

Eventually, it is possible to go on the third way. To put in couple to Arnold younger and vigorous guy who on the one hand will attract youth to screens and with another - will draw on itself the most part of any jumps, falling and other tricks. Such tandem was already tested in the last Indiana Jones where against fairly grown old Harrison Ford Shia LaBeouf actively defied.

There can be a comedy? The actor has an experience. Or drama role? Opinions were shared. The part of us is ready to accept Schwartz in any image, just because we love it. Others insist that its era irrevocably left and you should not rake over the past. Anyway, even if Iron Arney will give fat up as a bad job the Hollywood career, we will wait and hope all the same. And to revise the best movies with its participation.