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How to remove a trailer to the movie on - Hollywood ? Advice to the beginning directors of

the Trailer to the movie is one of the most significant components of the modern cine marketing company. Forget about posters, photos in the Network and empty chatter of a film crew on television how cheerfully and interestingly there took place shootings.

Only with a trailer exit the mass audience can independently, without foreign prejudiced the help to make the decision on that, meets or not the new movie their expectations and expectations.

However advertizing is not only the engine of progress, it also the powerful tool of an obolvanivaniye of masses. And creators of commercials receive for the work very much even the decent royalties for a long time. Thus that these fees not always guarantee quality of the final product, that is the movie. So it is necessary to force the doubting viewer to wait in line for the desired ticket at cinema? Here several parameters of competently removed trailer:

1. All offscreen text (if it in general is) is said by a man`s voice passionless and pleasant aurally. So it was moved, both at cinema, and on television bulk of announcers and story-tellers - men. It is possible to address, of course, professionals and to employ one of those guys who periodically borrow the hoarse and rolling voice to big customers. If there is enough money, of course. And it is possible to look for something a little - malsk suitable among the acquaintances. At the worst, if the purse is empty and any additional expenses are as a knife on a throat, write down own baritone treble on figure. Then, by means of simple manipulations with computer programs, bring record level to a desirable state. It is not so easy as it seems at first sight, but it is worth trying.

2. The trailer has to include all best scenes of future movie. So, film-making process almost came to the end, but did not leave pleasant memories. Moreover, everything initially went at random, and as a result instead of a masterpiece you on hands had deadborn project to which nothing shines even in day of a premiere. What to do? You need still to feed a family. So it is necessary to think how to attract the viewer in movie theaters. And to resort to small cunning.

The roller needs to be stuffed with all best moments of the movie as much as possible. The best moments are: any explosions and destructions, the shouting people, tasty accidents and other. Generally, all effective scenes which you have. Believe, it more than once worked. People crowds will break on your foolish movie. Only consider, the first reviews of critics will erase you in powder. What a surprise for you it will become obvious not so what difference?

3. There is a little Clint Menzel`s music. This composer became famous for a melody Lux Aeterna written to them for Darren Aronofsky`s picture Requiem for dream . Since then many do not hesitate to use this beautiful, bright, intense and explosive composition in the is not present, of course, not movies but only in advertizing trailers to them. This memorable music can be heard in rollers to the pictures Scorching heat Danny Boyle, Da Vinci Code I am the Legend with Will Smith and even partially in a trailer Avatar . Apply a little imagination, work with a track by means of some audio - editors and forward, you can safely impose a soundtrack. This composition more than once inspired the audience on a visit of movie theater on pictures which did not deserve it at all. For example, King Arthur .

4. Do not forget about the text. Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words, than 100 times to hear. Nevertheless you should not forget that the movie has a plot, and the scenario consists of a set of letters. Therefore cinema-men sometimes include the bright, loud, just shouting inscriptions in rollers to strengthen effect of the following shot behind them. Besides simple transfer of all stars which you managed to attract on the project it is possible and it is necessary to specify on the screen and their regalia, the " type; winner of the Oscar or from the director " Titanic;. Not all those who will see your trailer are film fans and experts therefore text information will help to fill the available gaps. Well and, certainly, use hyperboles - inscriptions it seems given delightful unforgettable and legendary periodically emerging on the screen, will obviously increase the value of your creation in the opinion of potential audience.

Here, actually, and all knowledge. It is more than special effects and visual feasts. Be not afraid if where - nibud in a roller excess information will slip, eventually, in a century of the Internet any data, anyway, become property of the public to a film premiere. If the public of these data is eager.

It will be quite good to remove a two-three of versions. Very first, short and crude, we will call teaser (from the English word to tease ) also we will include in it couple of effective frames, couple of phrases and mass of uncertainty. Then, after a while, we will start the second option, this time a full-fledged trailer in mass media. And a little later it is possible to let out the third roller, so-called the full version without censorship that will stir interest of those who hate this censorship. The last, by itself, suits not all but only to those at whom in a roller is what to cut out.

Art of advertizing develops promptly. Often in the Network it is necessary to see complaints of this or that audience who complains that the trailer to the movie left brighter, more dynamic and more interesting, than a long-awaited tape. Well, if so, so at you it turned out to create pass - a masterpiece. Only consider, constantly it is impossible to deceive the admirers, sometimes after a trailer there has to be worthy viewing a product. Otherwise not to avoid to you some rotten tomatoes.