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Ford Focus and Ford Mondeo. Any news?

Representing new Focus and Mondeo, the Ford company continues to adhere to the traditions in production of inexpensive, practical and easy-to-work cars of a family class, at the same time offering buyers a number of useful and pleasant innovations.

Already the first automobile Fords were a sample of the simple and inexpensive, but equipped with all necessary car convenient both for the citizen, and for the inhabitant of the suburb. Ford cars had to the yard both clerks, and working, and to school teachers, and business owners. Simple, not overloaded with excesses, they, nevertheless, were not primitive and possessed very strong design, and the circle of tasks which they could carry out was very wide.

Time introduced the amendments, requirements of middle class to a personal car increased, and Ford offered more and more comfortable and richly equipped cars. Nevertheless they remained all same inexpensive, simple in service and practical as convenient footwear.

After 2 - y World war the English office of the company mastered release of a small sedan of Consul, the German branch in Cologne began release of the Taunus model, similar on a type. It were modern on design, the cars, very elegant for the class, differing in spacious salon, rather high level of comfort and abundance of the place for baggage. Subsequently the cars made on branches in Manchester and Cologne were most unified among themselves.

During the time which passed since 1952 when the first Taunus, and till 1966 appeared, this model so improved that passed into sector of the market, higher at the price, and to replace it small nice Escort as a result was developed, it also became person the European Ford for many years. To replace the first generation in 1972 and 1983 came new, and next, appeared in 1990, received an honorary title The Best car of 1990 . But the Volkswagen concern put on the market new Golf, and Opel instead of former Kadett offered new Astra. And Ford began to prepare the worthy answer for competitors.

In 1995 the last generation of Escort was succeeded by the new Ford Focus model. She inherited the name from the experimental car developed in 1989 at the Ghia studio which is a part of Ford concern. The prototype of Focus was search in the field of the new directions of design, especially uses of a subject of an ellipse, and also laboratory for test of new units for perspective models of the European Ford.

New Focus differed from former Escort radically, but the main thing - it remained the same convenient and easy-to-use car for the average European. Ford Escort, since the first generation, perfectly holds speed on the route, fitting into the general stream, and at the same time spends very moderate amount of gasoline.

The Focus salon pleases with fresh solutions of design, but at the same time it is not necessary to get used to it - got into this car it seems as if it goes by it many years, and literally there is no wish to leave salon, such cozy and easily giving in to cleaning!

Ford Focus - the family car with the high level of equipment and sound finishing which each detail leaves impression of solidity, reliability and respectability. It is pleasant to drive this car for work day by day, it is joyful to leave with a family in days off or on holiday.

Ford Mondeo - model business - a class of the European Ford. She is a successor of Sierra which took the place of Taunus after this sedan passed into even more solid and prestigious sector of the automobile market of Europe. Sierra appeared in 1983, having received the title The best car of Europe of 1983 also showed the high design capacity of the company. Mondeo which replaced it at the end of 1993 became even more elegant, comfortable and fresh car in the technical and style plan. With each next generation of Mondeo becomes more beautiful, richer on finishing and the equipment, more safely, more ergonomically, more economically and more in a friendly way to the user and environment.

Mondeo - the faithful and irreplaceable companion of the modern successful citizen who is permanently accompanying it on life where that went. Mondeo adequately looks on the parking at an entrance of office, attracts attention in the evening on club parkings and during week-end near cozy restaurant ashore. Arrival on Mondeo makes favorable impression at meeting about its owner at once.

The most favorable offer at acquisition of these models, and also the credit, special programs, cars with run - in Avtopassazhe Ford, the official dealer with a large number of salons and technical centers in Moscow.