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How to employ the ideal sales manager?

In our world all or something sell or buy. Today the sales manager - one of the most often found vacancies.

Many heads consider that the sales manager has to: to attract clients, to know process of production of goods and its advance, and a lot what has to. What does the person have to know and be able to promote in the trading company? And whether there is an ideal seller?

As look for, and the ideal, universal worker and furthermore the manager, you will not find. Therefore it is necessary to choose the specialist in sales, being guided on policy of the party i.e., on the plans facing the company.

Over the past few years the portrait of the sales manager (and in fact, the seller) significantly changed. Also requirements to the applicant changed. If 5 years ago the sales manager of non-ferrous metal with an extensive experience of work with pleasure toilet bowls wholesale accept to sell, then now the companies are interested in prepared, capable to be built in quickly working process experts. Now are important experience in that sphere in which there will be sales, and profile education. For the companies important that a pharmaceutical medicine was sold by the person with medical education, and the production equipment - with technical.

The seller looks now at the employer other eyes too. Less he pecks on the employer`s brand. It still happens, so far as concerns vacancies of experts of a younger and average link, but not in case of search of the head in sales. To it it is more important strategic objectives of the company, its responsibility, conferred for the solution of tasks resources and powers.

Career in the trading company is traditionally begun with a position of the merchandiser or the sales representative. It is possible to grow to the supervisor, the head of the sales department and, actually, to the sales director further.

The success of work in sales is defined, first of all, by personal qualities of the person, and also skills and abilities which it gains with professional experience.

If, for example, to carry out functions of the merchandiser, dynamism and responsibility suffices, then for a key element the list of qualities is considerably extended.

Ability to build system. Sales are, first of all, system of internal and external communications. Therefore the head of sales has to possess experience of creation from scratch or divisions in the enterprise, either own company, or public organization, etc.

Ability to communicate with different people. to Any seller, and especially to the sales director, it is necessary to be the psychologist. It as to nobody else needs to be able to find contact with any person: both with partners, and with the subordinate.

Experience of sales. Let your applicant will have a brief experience of work as the seller, but it has to be. Future sales director needs to understand whom he will direct and what weak and strong places of sales managers consist in. Seldom who needs the expert who graduated from the higher education institution which defended the dissertation and at once become the head. He will be able beautifully to tell, draw excellent schedules, but sales will go worse than ever.

Knowledge of a product. Very important point. However if the potential head corresponds to three listed above conditions, then ignorance of a product it is possible to forgive. Even if the product is difficult, the competent, wishing to work person will understand. It will have enough three - four months to understand features of new work.

Interest in work. Here everything is simple: if to the applicant for a senior position all the same what product in what company to sell whom to direct, - is better not to work with it. No system of motivation will rescue. Besides, as the sales director - the main carrier of corporate culture of the division, such person will just bury department, and at the same time and sales.

I wish successful sales!