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Film debuts. The best against the worst?


the Best: Sam Ramey - Ominous dead persons (The Evil Dead, 1981). First feature film of the director. Classics of a genre. And, by the way, the first full experience for the favourite actor Ramey - Bruce Campbell. The director remade own short film In the woods (Within the Woods) of 1978. Ingenious on simplicity (on 350 thousand budget strongly you will not run up) and on influence force the picture, is in the lists which are most quoted in the genre for a long time. And it does not matter that guts of the zombie are the recoloured corn mashed potatoes, not we love it for it old at all not terrible zhutik. In some countries the tape is still forbidden to display at movie theaters (Germany), and on the Broadway on the contrary, in 2006 put based on Ominous dead persons musical.

The worst: James Cameron - Piranha 2: Spawning (Piranha Part Two: The Spawning, 1981). The same year began the film career and king of the world Cameron. Began badly in literal and figurative meanings. Not wine of James. Generally he was invited to shootings as the expert in visual effects, but then the director Ovidio Assonitis (having thought that business smells of kerosene) hastily retired from the post. However, it did not help to rescue the movie. As well as Lens Henriksen`s participation. Rubber small fishes in muddy water - a show heart-breaking and sad. It is no wonder that James Cameron in the late interviews prefers to consider an official film debut Terminator 1984. But from a song of words you will not throw out

the Comedy

the Best: Kevin Smith - Clerks (Clerks., 1994). Mr. Molchalivy Bob shot the first movie directly on a workplace, but only after closing of little shop (what the joke has a talk with constantly locked sun blind). This avaricious on means of expression, but the comedy, generous on rollicking humour, hit directly the nail and became a peculiar anthem of all representatives of a services sector who were disappointed in life. For the first time in the history of cinema of the right for uses of some songs in the movie shootings of all movie cost to creators dearer, than. Despite total absence in a picture of violence scenes and sex (except for small fight of the main characters), only from - for dialogues the picture nearly received terrible NC rating - 17 (earlier it were X - only for adults). Though long, vast dialogues also made this tape classics of a genre. Including among store pilferers at whom video with this movie long time was on the first place.

The worst: Damion Dante Uejans - Without " ensemble; (Dance Flick, 2009). this opus of comedies to Call possible only or able strong the podpitiya, or on pain of the death penalty. Numerous brothers of Uejans (7 brothers and 3 sisters) returned again to remind of themselves. Very terrible cinema - not a masterpiece, but happened worse. It came together with the movie " worse; White tiptoes . That in 2009 to turn into a total nightmare - pretentious, vulgar and absolutely unhumorous comedy Without " ensemble;. Of course, guys could not even find more - less sane director therefore put in a chair of the nephew Damion. Successful start, a plemyashka, nothing to tell.


the Best: Duncan Jones - Moon (Moon, 2009). a Peculiar ode to not too natural and seeming theatrical, space statements 70 - x years. Moon - it is attempt to look from within at very difficult and polysyllabic reason of one, specific person. And what the viewer should see on the one hand forces heart to fight more often, and with another - completely to lose the remains of belief in kindness as part of human essence. It could not achieve without dedicated actor`s game of the main and only hero of a picture - Sam Rokuell thanks to whom the movie has not only a mind, but also soul. And only lazy will not remember that Jones`s daddy - the legendary British singer David Bowie.

The worst: Rupert Harvey - Zubastiki 4 (Critters 4, 1992). to the Producer very first Zubastikov and fifth part The Nightmare on Vyazov Street Rupert Harvey could not wait to snatch the 15 (more precisely 100) minutes of fame. The third part, at least, could brag of young Leonardo DiCaprio`s participation. In the fourth part which with all the might tries to be similar on Gremlins all action is transferred to deep space. The fact that it seemed terrible or at least a little frightening in the first three, terrestrial movies, in the last tape lost any meaning. On style and an essence the tape reminds clumsy space zhutik 60 - x. Terrifying the absurd special effects and one of the most irritating main characters in the history made Zubastikov 4 impossible for viewing without simultaneous (and it is better preliminary) acceptances of strong drinks. The debut was so stunning that Harvey any more never experimented. What made everything a great kindness.


the Best: Mark Webb - 500 days of summer (500) Days of Summer, 2009). the First full-length work of Mark Webb instantly won hearts of the audience. It is successful attempt to repeat early Woody Allen`s success. There is everything that is necessary - and is black - white shots in French, and amusing installation with division of the screen, both really ridiculous and clear jokes. Even a short, but potryasny music turn, and that is present. The main film awards bypassed this romantic tape, but unless this main thing? All were satisfied - critics, the audience and especially debutant, Mark Webb to whom they slightly pogodya offered already quite powerful piece of pie in the form of work over new Spiderman .

The worst: Alexey Gordeev - Nobody knows about sex (2006). Monasteries of the romantic teenage comedy American " pie; did not allow to sleep much. Americans managed to rivet several continuations too, one is more awful than another. Ours cinematographers too did not waste time in vain. Alas, " equipment; I stuck together you from what was was not repaid. It is not enough to take foreign analog and to try to copy it. There is even an operation to cut out - to insert demands certain talents and abilities. Dullness, platitude and fat layer of sortirny humour - three whales of this melodramka. Despite success 2 years later Gordeev shot the sequel for which nobody waited and did not ask. And again fell into oblivion. We hope forever.