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3 - The D television in my house?

In news continually flash messages that the era house 3 - the D television approaches. But when 3 - the D TVs will appear in shops whether you will think of purchase of one of them? Let`s consider some most widespread questions of consumers concerning viewing in three dimensions.

I should put on these silly Xing - red points? there is no

. These glasses are used in so-called anaglifichesky 3 - D. They use two colors - red and blue (sometimes green) - for creation two different images images. Popular in 1950 - x and 1960 - x years, they consign to the past. Now you can use new, more streamline silly points.

May I just use points in which I looked Avatar and Up at movie theater?

Theoretically yes are passive 3 - the D glasses using system of polarization, and breaking the image on the screen in two separate images. It is good for the big room when all sit opposite to the screen. But producers 3 - the D TVs cannot know how your room, and the most important looks, do not want to sell 3 - the D points for pennies when they can sell to fans Active points for $70.

Active? For $70? What in them special?

Active points allow light to reach only one eye at the same time. When you watch video, on the display one party of the image, and then another in fast sequence is displayed. Points are synchronized with the image, serially darkening one eye. Thus, the display shows different prospect for each eye. It also allows to pace the room and still to receive quite good 3 - the D effect.

Points blink? They are electronic? It means that they should be loaded?

Yes. As though without them in your room there were not enough wires.

Well and as far as it abruptly actually? Be honest.

Sellers will fill up you with offers to look at them 3 - the D TVs. Perhaps, to see a trailer Avatar on 3 - the D TV for the first time will be abruptly, but the first impression quickly will pass. At the correct contents, everything is remarkable, but it is very doubtful that someone will be impressed by viewing Cold summer 53 - go in 3 - D.

Whether they from 2 - the D movies 3 - the D cinema can make? It is possible

, but see above. For transformation 2 - the D movie in 3 - D, artists have to allocate contours of various layers in a film. For example, the character who came forward, and got up before trees has to be it is pulled out from a background and the computer will generate 3 - the D image by interpolation of very small amount of a background which has to appear for actor. It is not so difficult to make it for old movies. It is supposed that in the future movies of a genre an action almost all will act in 3 - D, and some companies already plan release of video cameras with two lenses (it is required for 3 - the D records) for house use.

3 - D Comes to the house?!

Is unconditional.

So it is necessary for me to become house 3 - D - the viewer?

For viewing 3 - the D television, you have to have the home theater with support 3 - D (for example, 3 - the D TV and 3 - D Blu - Ray the player). Process of sending 3 - the D video signal to the TV includes decoding and transfer of two separate photos - the left and right type of each film frame or broadcasting, 120 times a second. To make it, the frequency of development of the TV has to be rather high to manage to show all images. The ordinary TV has the frequency of updating of 120 Hz while new 3 - D - compatible TVs have the frequency of updating of 200 Hz and more. By the way, 3 - D - compatible TVs still need the infrared transmitter to report to Active points when to be polarized, and it is additional expenses. You want to learn, dirty sekretik? The majority old 120 - Hz of TVs can display not bad 3 - the D contents. Nevertheless, producers demand a regeneration of TVs from - for various improvements in the Blu technology - Ray, and also the built-in infrared radiators necessary for work of their patented active points. Moreover, they want that you went and bought the new TV. Also it is required to you 3 - D - compatible Blu - Ray a player, or the digital tuner to watch air of Discovery which will conduct limited broadcasting in 3 - the D format. If you have Sony PlayStation 3, you will be able to update the software of the console and to lose 3 - D Blu - Ray disks - and updates are free.

When I will be able to buy all this? And how many it will cost?

the Majority 3 - the D devices leaves this year, they will cost a little more, than the sold last several years of HDTV. Be going to pay about $4000 for a complete set.

It is expensive. There is something cheaper?

Of course. Buy 3 - the D PC a set. The place where 3 - really comes D into the own - computer games. Such companies - producers of graphic chips as Nvidia, already sell the technologies similar to the points and players of disks which are used in more expensive 3 - D Blu - Ray sets, but is much cheaper. Phil Eysler (Phil Eisler), vice-the president on 3 - D in Nvidia, told that addition 3 - D in the average computer will cost about $500, including more powerful video card (the computer has to process and display two images at the same time that demands many horsepowers), the new monitor, compatible 3 - the D glasses and infrared alarm system. For example, the set of Nvidia GeForce 3 - D Vision, includes couple of active points and the infrared radiator connected through USB. Connecting this set to rather powerful video card and the monitor, you can create 3 - the D effect practically in any game. 3 - D allows to learn anew the old games told g - N Eysler. As the image is formed by the video card on the fly he told, all information for good 3 - the D effect already exists in game.

I nevertheless do not want to pay for goods a premium - a segment. How many I should wait 3 so far - D will not become standard for all TVs?

If not to take a possibility of any serious innovations into account, you probably receive 3 - D - the TV in 2015. Though everything can quicker occur. 2013 is a turning point Richard told Gelfond (Richard L. Gelfond), executive director of Imax. It is supposed that clients who bought HDTV - TVs at the beginning of 2000 - x will rearrange the plasmas and ZhK soon - panels to other rooms and will be updated to 3 - the D installations.

When I will have an opportunity to look 3 - the D television without silly points?

Allegedly it will occur after 3 - becomes D universal and producers will sell out the stocks 3 - the D TVs. Perhaps, 2020 - y? Eventually, they once should look for other milk cow. You remember the motto of consumer electronics: V. B. U. - Always to be outdated.