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What is a climax and as in time to define it in house conditions?

In life of each woman at a certain age come quite hard time connected with natural hormonal reorganization of an organism. It is the physiological period during which against the general age changes in an organism the involutional processes in reproductive system which are characterized by the termination at first of genital, and then and menstrual functions prevail. It is called the climacteric period, synonyms - a climax, klimaktery (from Greek climax - ladder klimakter - ladder step ) .

Into what stages is divided a climax?

of Premenopauz - the period to the last periods, begins after 45 years and proceeds on average 15 - 18 months (there are cases of early approach till 40 years and late - after 55 years). At this time there is a gradual fading of function of ovaries, the termination of an ovulation, and conception becomes problematic, but at the same time it is still necessary to be protected. Gradual increase in intervals between periods, reduction of their duration and reduction of blood loss is noted. Premenopauza lasts from the beginning of irregular periods to the last periods.

Women during this period can have symptoms climacteric syndrome : headaches, inflow (that is the sudden face reddening, necks, breasts, a nape which are followed by feeling of heat; such state proceeds 2 - 3 min., is more often in the evenings), tachycardia, differences of mood, dryness of mucous membranes of a vagina, the speeded-up urination, fatigue, decrease in sexual activity. Inflow on average last 1 - 2 years, at most 5 years.

In a premenopauza production of female sex hormones (estrogen and progesterone) decreases, and the amount of follikulostimuliruyushchy hormone (FSG) increases. Level of men`s hormones decreases gradually therefore there can be a giperandrogeniye (prevalence of men`s hormones). Such prevalence leads to increase in body weight (the increase can make 5 - 8 kg within a short period of time and acts much more difficultly).

The menopause is the period when there come the last periods, and also its absence within the next 12 months. On average the menopause comes at the age of 50 - 53 years. Besides, during this period the risk of development of osteoporosis and diseases warmly - vascular system, diabetes and obesity increases. During this period the FSG high level is noted.

A postmenopause - this period begins after 12 months of lack of periods. All symptoms of the climacteric period disappear. The FSG level still remains at this time raised. Permanent increase of FSG serves as a laboratory marker of approach of a menopause in blood and urine. As can determine by

the beginning of the climacteric period?


In general, irrespective of age, each woman respecting herself has to, at least, time in half a year visit the gynecologist. Approach time a klimakteriya strongly depends on specific features therefore it is desirable to address the gynecologist - the endocrinologist who knows features of such period.

It was mentioned about a laboratory sign of approach of a menopause above - increase of FSG. However women in to " risk group; in the majority still continue to work and to make tests with a certain frequency for them not absolutely conveniently. Fortunately, now there was a method promoting definition of approach of a premenopauza available to each woman in house conditions.

FRAUTEST menopause is the test for a menopause which makes all the known brand according to tests for definition of pregnancy and an ovulation. The principle of action of the new test is based on definition of long increase of the FSG level in urine. But it is necessary to remember that the FSG level fluctuates during a cycle therefore for statement of the diagnosis it is necessary to hold two testings with an interval of week. Positive results of 2 - 3 tests demonstrate approach of a premenopauza.

When should carry out the test for a menopause?

are caused by

of Fluctuation of the FSG level individually. If the menstrual cycle regular, but is climax symptoms, then the first test should be carried out to the first week of your cycle (from 1 to 6 day). The second test - in a week.

If the periods became irregular within 3 - 5 months, then the first test can be carried out in any day of month. The second test - in a week.

How to estimate result?

Positive results of 2 - 3 tests which are carried out with a week interval demonstrate that you in a condition of a premenopauza and to you it is necessary to see a doctor.

If symptoms of a climax are, and results of tests negative, then testing needs to be repeated in 2 months.

If symptoms of a climax are absent also results of tests negative - then it is necessary to repeat testing in 6 - 12 months.

In certain cases the first testing can show positive result, and the second - negative. It is considered norm as the FSG level significantly to change, therefore, repeated testing needs to be held in 2 months.

All women are afraid of a climax from - for fear of the unknown. They are frightened by a new state during hormonal reorganization of an organism, they do not know what will follow it. The habitual way of life is broken. Very important at this age to understand problems of such period and in time to correct the state, using achievements of modern science: to independently make the test and if necessary to see a doctor. Anyway, having passed through a menopause, the woman comes to the following standard of living and continues to lead active lifestyle.