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How words create and solve problems?

are possible, once you were occurred by a question: why residents of Russia remind " more and more; stupid Americans ? It is not excluded that at you thoughts that " flashed; someone consciously and purposefully destroys traditional Russian sharpness and ingenuity .

It is possible to assimilate to persons who flash on screens and to be let in long reasonings that in mind Hollywood has the leading role. Or about corruption and reforms in education. The reasons it is possible to think up a set. It is also possible to speak about absence of national unity, illiteracy, intolerance, loss culturally - historical roots. But an essence at all last reasons one: we speak in the different " languages;. There is only one a problem: absence of of a clear trail at you that people with whom you zhivetyo also work, understand you. And absence at you of confidence, that you understand what you see and you hear. Confidence, but not guesses and rough emotions!

There is a daily household example: you buy two packs of " tea; first grade different producers. In one - normal tea. In the second - where as it is worse. Your conclusion? You think that in total - lies and the advertizing ? On packs it is honestly written that normal tea is first grade on State standard of the 89th year, and not really normal is first grade on internal Technological Conditions of 2005. You it is simple did not understand producer.

Constrained (or not really) indignation is an absence of understanding of the main, daily symbols. You can object: but I understand words, I use them! Truly, you use. But allow a question: your understanding of these words is the YOUR conclusion created after you ten times heard the word and guessed on a context what it means? Whether but are sure you that those with whom you communicate came to same to a conclusion? For the director order - it twisting of disciplinary nuts . For the worker - noise of the chief which prevents to work . And for the foreman - a counter in games of politics with hard workers and the management . All three do not know what is the order.

About ten times to hear the word, to make about it a conclusion and to stick on it a label familiar - it the same as to size up the person, about ten times having met him at a party, and having listened that he tells about himself. Would be very naive to size up the person only with his words. Clever people ask those with whom he cooperated earlier. Pros read a personal record and try to find out what results the person could achieve and achieve.

Personal records all words which we use are absolutely available. Dictionaries lie on the Internet, new words describe in Wikipedia, almost all dictionaries are built in popular ABBYY Lingvo, in shops there are on shelves tough copies. We have every chance to cease to build guesses and to begin to speak one language.

Perhaps, other formulation will be more intelligible: the explanatory dictionary of Russian is the text of the All-Russian Contract on the semantic loading assigned by users to basic units of Russian (word). Absence of national unity illiteracy intolerance loss culturally - the historical roots conversation in the different " languages; - manifestations of ignorance or non-compliance with this Contract of at least one of the communicating parties.

To us it is not allowed to foresee as our word will respond - the poet wrote. And it will be the truth only until each of us has no consent on values of those words which we use in communication. And to establish such consent - a task of usual explanatory dictionaries which unfairly become dusty presently on shelves of shops.

If you want to be witnesses, want to understand others - use this idea (which was very popular in ancient China in due time): before to start dispute, try to find out values of keywords which you will use in communication. Then disputes, happens, decide, without having begun.

The good explanatory dictionary, full understanding of words which you use in the speech which you hear from others or you read in books allow to reach understanding. Understanding of a subject matter, understanding of other person. If there is an understanding - the conflicts do not appear or dissolved, cease to exist.

However, so happens that everything seems clearly, but at the same time there is some discomfort - in communication, in assimilation of knowledge. Besides, if this studying of new field of knowledge, you usually see that except such discomfort, also it is very difficult for you to put into practice something from studied, but you do not understand what occurs and you have no ideas as it would be possible to correct a situation. It is a sure sign of the fact that you faced or an obstacle in training, or false data. How to find and eliminate obstacles and false data is a special technology. No, it is not difficult at all, any sane child can acquire and use it.

All this technology is described in the form of a subject matter - technology of training and clearing of words. The American scientist and the humanist L. Ron Hubbard developed it. Its bases are described in an available form in books Learn to study and Guide to training bases which you can study and use not only in training, but also to reach the best understanding with those with whom you communicate in usual life.

We wish you that you were always understood correctly!