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Why men prepare a shish kebab better than women?

Continuing a subject, it is worth concerning also Japanese faithful itself who for preparation of a shish kebab use first of all seafood, and call the turning-out dish " tempura;. However inhabitants of the earth of a rising sun turn up the nose at tart smoky aroma (strange!) for which many people also love meat, fried on coals. To beat off this smell, they surely to tempura give marinated ginger.

By the way about marinade. In old times especially did not value marinade. The reason is clear as the sunny day - fresh meat does not need artificial ways of concealment of a smell of a decay. In order that meat became softer, in the different countries arrive differently. For example, except the known ways of soaking of meat in wine, beer, in lemon or garnet juice, the Australian recipe is curious. The last assumes to use for this purpose usual strong tea. Also madly tasty shish kebab turns out if to use for pickling whey, kefir or clear sparkling water.

In the past for preparation of the meat fried on coals the cook, without philosophizing crafty, dug out a hole, filled it with the smoldering coals and, having got on more - less direct stick meat, started preparation. Today progress offers persons interested to eat the most ancient meat dish the various braziers capable to turn process of frying not only a holiday of a stomach, but also to receive unforgettable pleasures from cooking.

No to the stuck dirt lumps on ready meat!

For example, a compact brazier on wheels it is possible to arrange in any the place, convenient for itself and to start culinary sacraments.

On the street the rain - and again is not present problems! The Internet - Turstandart shop. ru can offer you a brazier with a roof that your rest was not saddened by nature whims.

And for those who are going to carry out rest far from a civilization, offices and the other Internet we offer a convenient combined brazier - a barbecue which will easily be located in a luggage carrier of any car.

Generally dare, please the family and friends with the real shish kebab. And by the way, men not always prepare a shish kebab better than women. And if it occurs, then the reason that the man is more often perceives preparation of a shish kebab as ritual of the proof of the courage. And, of course, he cannot but just succeed in it.