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Kinobudushchy. Whether there is life on Mars? (c)

1. Terminator 2: Doomsday (Terminator 2: Judgment Day, 1991) - not the most pleasant future, of course. Doomsday and so on. According to internal logic of the first part of the franchize, on August 29, 1997 pieces of iron under leadership of a supercomputer of Skynet left from - under control of the person and arranged to all live on Earth small armagedets. Then the remains of survivors became object of prosecution and destruction from fighting robots of various colors.

Terminator 3 transferred date of the Doomsday to later term - on July 24, 2004. This day in the history of mankind something was celebrated by nothing special too. The future is not defined whether you know

2. Power of " fire; (Reign of Fire, 2002) - These dragons will not manage to tame. To the own harm, at construction of the London subway in 2008, people found eggs of these scaly reptiles. However mythical beings from fairy tales were not so friendly. Moreover, they to devils burned London and drove people into catacombs, having turned the most part of the population into bums in fact and on appearance.

By itself, the prediction did not come true. However the knowing people note that existence of pangolins would explain a strange smell in the London subway.

3. 2001: Space Odyssey (2001: A Space Odyssey, 1968) - Stanley Kubrick and Arthur Clark almost reached a hand stars the attempt to represent the future in far 60 - x. According to authors, by the beginning of the new millennium people of Earth already have to have a super Lunar base ( Munreyker and the agent 007 nervously smoke aside), huge space station, kriogenovy capsules for a dream and the flights in eternity operated by the computer. Yes, it would be quite good.

4. Running on a " razor edge; (Blade Runner, 1982) - the Director Ridley Scott created one more vision of our future - crowded with people and breathing claustrophobia. Ours will be spaced from this gloomy prediction for only 9 years today. In 2019 people should coexist side by side with Replicants from whose one name already throws into a shiver. These are the genetic modifications of the person looking as we, but allocated with the much bigger force and intelligence.

Meanwhile all efforts of scientists on cloning of living beings developed into existence of Dolly the sheep and mouse with a human ear on a back. That to 2019 on the planet replicants walked, very serious break in researches is necessary. Doubtfully.

5. Escape from New - York (Escape From New York, 1981) - In 1997 the city of New - York is only huge prison. Big " apple; enclosed with high unapproachable walls, and inside locked all undesirable elements of society. To minimize communication with us, people in every respect, pleasant.

Outside 2010, and New - York still attracts to itself both the best representatives of mankind, and any degenerates. But so far both those, and others, at desire, can quietly leave the city

6. Deadly races of 2000 (Death race 2000, 1975) - Oh these the seventieth. How many fun, is so much also idiotic ideas some of which still soar in air. So, for example, authors of this movie for some reason considered that races on a survival will be a major activity of inhabitants of the future.

As envisioned by a tape, in 2000 financial problems led the USA to total crisis (already not bad). It was the cause for revolution and the wheel of the country had fighters. And now over all country gladiatorial competitions between racers are announced. Nobody expected, but in 2008 managed to remove a remake. Not less idiotic, than original, but visually more nice.

7. Back in the future 2 (Back to the Future, Part II, 1989) - in 2015 Robert Zemeckis promised us the flying boards, the self-drying jackets which besides adapt to the owner`s size. And 25 - yu part of the movie Jaws . From the above-mentioned on the horizon not to see anything yet. Unless to try to scribble 21 movies about sharks within the next 5 years?

8. 1984 (1984, 1956) - Not so long ago it was, the truth? In something the gloomy and hopeless society of the future represented in Orwell`s book and the subsequent screen version of Michael Anderson quite corresponds to some aspects of our today`s life. Yes, we did not reach absolute and total control yet, but to all appearances, isn`t it? The average resident of London within one day of 300 times is fixed by various surveillance cameras. All of you still doubt available the Big Brother?

9. Destroyer (Demolition Man, 1993) - And again Slay got to milk. It is necessary to advise Stallone during creation of the following sad picture of life of our far descendants, to date it at once 4017th year. Thank God, by then precisely very few people will remember about this absurd movie of category B.

So, according to predictions Destroyer in 1996 - m of Los - the Andzheles will fall in ruins like Pompeii. Well, the City of Angels already periodically potryasyvat, but it is not connected by any side with wishes creators of this movie. On the other hand, happen that, together with the city also Hollywood would disappear that would relieve us of a huge number of any trash removed at Factory of dreams for the last 14 years. However, good tapes were too