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We develop or we degrade?

Very often address me with such phrases and questions - Make to me the blog, and I will develop it Give of money for development , I will give as I will develop untwist my blog so there would buy goods, then I will believe in you :) Let`s present to

that I created to you the Blog and gave $100 on on development . How you think, what will be farther??. You will return soon, ask the help and still money since previous lowered. And there will be it because you did nothing and time and money did not put therefore and it is not a pity to lose. Therefore it is necessary to learn to use tools which I can give and do by all the handles!!!

It as in the history about the hungry person - if you will give him fish, then he will return and will ask also will become, as a result, just the parasite and if you give it a rod and teach to catch fish, then you will provide its food for the rest of life .

How many you time saw or heard also situations - parents solve problems children even to adult age. As a result the goofs living with parents to 25 - 30 - grow up 40 years and cannot to establish a family , to get . It is much worse than if such blockhead sleeps for couple of days or not day at the station and hungered. Of course it is rigid, but is useful !!!

Too most occurs and - everything tools can be found in the Internet, of knowledge too, the help skilled people also, only take and do. But most of people listen and do not hear, read and do not see. If you want to earn on the Internet - gather since. it is necessary to work in it, at first, much and the patience is necessary considerable. The main time will be spent on self-education .

Why again everything is reduced to self-education ? - you can ask. I will answer - Remember when last time studied, took educational literature in hand? at school? in HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION? and all??. on this development ended?

The person cannot stand still in the development, he or develops , or degrades . Now answer honestly for yourself - what is done by you ? If you cannot, then make the schedule of development on which one axis there will be years, on another - development.

What turned out? - more than it is sure that at most of people the schedule will grow before leaving school or HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION, and then to go constantly down, i.e. to degrade.

It suits you??? I Think what is not present.

So far you will not gather and will not begin the self-education or education in any educational system (For example [url = isifedu. com/user/create ] The international School of Investment and Finance [/url]), your financial state will not change neither at the expense of the Internet, nor due to work in reality. It is necessary to work not at 10 works, and at one, but with the head .

The main money is earned not a vytachivaniye of details at the machine, and inventing and advance mechanisms in which these details will stand (not a voprinimayta literally of the word of a detail and mechanisms).

So with what to begin the self-education and what was not taught at schools and in HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS? - This concept about financial literacy and ability to dispose of money !!! It is very extensive subject and I will cut out it in the separate publication.

It is possible to begin self-training free of charge, reading the corresponding books or digging information on the Internet . Books it is written tons, such dear authors as Kiyosaki, Schaefer, Trump, Jeffrey D Smith etc. And it is possible to be trained for a fee, i.e. it is much more productive thanks to world famous trainers - it is ISIF School ([url = isifedu. com/user/create ] International School of Investment and Finance [/url]).

I wish you to make the correct decision towards training, but not to continue to degrade.

A if you want to develop in parallel also financially - read and follow my [url = ru/cel - bloga ] To the global Development plan [/url] .