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Whether it is worth paying more than 100 thousand for the Swiss watch?

the Unique production made by the well-known Swiss company Maurice Lacroix , are not one decade the incontestable proof that hours are not just useful thing or a fashionable accessory which is always with you.

Hours are an attribute of style and respectability, these are long traditions in combination with modern achievements and, at last, it is just favourite thing to which over the years you treat as important part of the everyday life. Such thing has to serve for many years, and, perhaps, to become the family relic passing from generation to generation.

Hours of Maurice Lacroix as main concept of the producer - " will be those for you; Classics of tomorrow - the company strictly follows from the moment of the foundation in 1975. Certainly, such thing cannot costs little as the real work of art, true talent of the master or an authoritative name which was not from scratch created for many years cannot cost little. The refined and functional model of hours Maurice Lacroix MP6318 - SS001 - 11E can be a fine example of that . Having paid for it 107 300 rub, you put investments in all listed above and even moreover. So:

workmanship . Maurice Lacroix today one of the most authoritative producers in the world which puts quality on the first place. It is one of the few real Swiss manufactories which remained today which makes cases independently. Her authorship possesses the first own calibers, including also calibers with a chronograph.

Her name therefore each again created model goes a long way from drawings to a mass production which includes carrying out a set of researches, technical specifications, careful quality checks, various testings etc. is expensive to the company. About 150 high quality experts take part in creation of this product. Each model consists of 300 and more details made of high-quality materials. Today watch of this producer is popular in everything the world, received a set of awards and recognition of consumers. Not to lose the status, the Maurice Lacroix company annually spends huge amounts of money for development of technologies, construction of new production capacities, cooperation with the best Swiss designers;

functionality . Maurice Lacroix MP6318 - SS001 - 11E are hours with function of a chronograph. As showed researches, exact measurement of duration of events - one of the most demanded support functions in hours. Its help is irreplaceable for people of a huge number of the most different professions. So, doctors by means of a chronograph define pulse rate and breath of the patient. Athletes use this device, for example as a stop watch for determination of productivity at trainings or competitions. Besides, chronographs are widely applied by military, pilots, astronauts, scuba divers, racers, yachtsmen, scientific and many others.

Water tightness has to be. Business hours have enough 50 meters - the spilled glass of champagne, souls, perhaps, bathing in the pool or in the high sea. For sailing sports and divings there are special sports releases.

Are very convenient in models also indication of day of week and date which are enough to be exposed once. All elements are located elaborately and harmoniously;

water resistance . Hours can be immersed in water on depth of 50 m that is fine option for fans of diving, and also the thing from damage in case of casual hit in water will reliably insure;

resistance to shock loadings . The model is supplied with special shock-proof system thanks to what you can lead active lifestyle, without leaving with hours. It is also possible not to be afraid of them to drop or to strike incidentally;

autosubplant . One of the main shortcomings of a mechanical clock - need to constantly bring them, in the Maurice Lacroix models is absent. Watch is wound automatically;

high-quality material . The Maurice Lacroix company uses for production of the production only best quality materials. In this case the case is made of stainless steel of the superior quality that provides to model fine anticorrosive properties, resistance to shock loadings, durability, hypoallergenicity, esthetics. The only lack of such case - low resistance to emergence of scratches. However it is easy to eliminate it - rather simply to polish hours;

a sapphire crystal with an antiglare covering . For production of such glasses the artificial sapphire received by high-temperature processing of crystallized oxide of aluminum is used and is the most expensive and qualitative material for hour glasses. If the dial of your hours is protected by a sapphire crystal, it is possible not to be afraid of emergence of scratches. This material on hardness concedes only to diamond, having 9 units from 10 on Moos`s scale;

leather thong . Certainly, the thong for such hours can be made only of natural noble material. Their production the producer approaches also scrupulously, as well as production of hours. The Maurice Lacroix company develops and lets out leather thongs for which creation it is used in a special way carried an ostrich, a lizard, a calf and a crocodile. On all thongs from leather of reptiles there are certificates certifying that for their production leather of the animals included in the Red List was not used;

image . Improving the models, the producer managed to keep unique identity of Maurice Lacroix style that does them recognizable among hundreds of other authoritative brands. Buying such watch, you get expensive nominal thing which already in itself commands respect for its owner.

You want to know about the last novelties of Maurice Lacroix ? Glance in the Internet - AllTime shop with photos and detailed descriptions of each model, and you for certain will find qualitative hours at the worthy price!