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Why we suffer from - for men?

seem to me many girls, wives of our beloveds get into such situation.

Many girls, begin to meet guys and leave the head in relations . We cry, we suffer, we think as with me he acts here this way . Let`s try to understand from - for what our tears? How to solve these problems?

I got into such situation that having begun to meet the guy was over head and ears in love, stopped thinking about myself, became whining, there were continuous scandals. You probably now thought that I am just walking whim. No! To the 9th class did not meet boys at all. Seriously began to meet in the 11th class. Always thought only of study (on a nose there was a USE), thought of future profession, always obeyed parents. But having met love went to the relations the head, at the beginning was before love, romanticism, further we began to live together, quarrels, domestic squabbles in our language went. And then he on grew insolent so many that he began to call me a rough mat, let loose hands, on me was in a large number of bruises. And the most important I could not throw it - the love to it forgave all.

Only recently read Sherry`s book " Argon; I Want to be strevy! . No, do not think that I am a botanist who only and wants to sit to read, just interested the beginning of the book. (And dear women I advise you to read this book, it was useful). And here what I understood: The success in love depends on appearance, it entirely depends on character. Why? Now I will explain. It will be a question of bitches. Only not about those bitches which got used to see society.

1. The bitch is a strong woman who derives the strength from ability independently to think. The bitch always plays by own rules, she is sure of herself, is free and strong.

2. Dear girls, women, beginning the relations, you do not go the head to them, let you will always have interests. And what you will be appreciated. My mistake: I stopped being the personality, began to live for it.

3. Be not afraid to show the character at the right time. Men do not love when everything is spread out by it on a silver platter. It is deception. Because men by the nature hunters. They like to hunt for inaccessible. And the bitch is and there is an inaccessibility.

4. Only do not think that I want to move you on provocation of men. Just be not lost on its background.

5. Consider yourself by a godsend, and then he will believe you. And carrying out all its whims, whims, desires, we show that are not worthy the best. If the woman understands that she is worthy a good attitude, male shoulders, then she not to time will not allow even to call herself a small word. (It is my mistake). I stumbled that I gave the chance to it to understand that I without it will be gone and he began me to test on how many I will be covered.

6. Girls, be independent, do not show to men that without them you will be gone.

7. The man perceives a zhenchina as a mental call only if it is not confident that it belongs to it for all hundred percent.

8. You do not shout, do not spend nerves simply, use cunning of poor chanterelle better;)

It is only some councils. If you were interested in article, read this book. You can download the book on my website. I advise.

By the way, now my man behaves absolutely on another because I became surer. Good luck to you lovely ladies!!!