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investments into hyip. fxeurostar, alpina group, eurostar - scams of

Today I want to share the experience with you investments into HYIP. For those who does not know HYIP in translation into Russian the highly profitable investment program means.

3 months ago I made a contribution in hayp Eurostargroup Ltd. under 1,5% a month. The partner which showed me this project invested in this project about 3 months and quietly withdrew money from the project therefore I decided to enclose too. Invested $300. Exactly a month from the middle of January on the middle of February money lay on the account. $65 accumulated during this time. $15 I owed the partner. As a result by the end of month on a conclusion of $350,65. I ordered money for a conclusion through a bank transfer. Filled in 2 documents (the application for secession of shareholders, requisites of the bank account) and submitted the application for a conclusion. In advance asked those. support about when money comes. I was told that money will be late therefore I was ready to wait. The partner told me that withdraw money usually in 2 - 3 days therefore I counted on about 2 - 3 weeks.

There passed month, I wrote to those. support how soon will make payments. I was told that withdrawal of funds till February 15 is blocked. I waited till February 20 and wrote again, but I was told: That now bank transfers are not made in communication by opening of bank. After opening it will be possible to withdraw money (by the way I cannot visit the website of those now. supports - probably finally got))

It, frankly speaking, began to enrage me. I very much do not like incompetence and frivolous approach to serious business. I asked about it my partner. She told me what money did not pay to it too. Still I am fed with promises and do not pay money. I want that you did not come across such companies and did not make such mistakes.

I knew that investments are a risk and that on the Internet there are frivolous projects therefore I was ready to such turn of events.

Now Eurostargroup does not exist any more. Now it is called eurostarholding and www is located at. fxeurostar. ru. Tariffs at it exchanged also contribution conditions too. Also Eurostargroup has the Alpina group subsidiary (if to whom interestingly here their website: alpinagroup. su/). DO NOT INVEST the MONEY IN THESE PROJECTS! DO NOT MAKE my MISTAKES!

For myself I decided that I precisely will not put in these companies any more.

Conclusions which I drew from the first investment experience in haypa:

1. Never to put in the projects Eurostarholding, alpinagroup

2. To diversify investment tools to reduce risks

3. Before investing serious money (100 000 - 500 000) in HYIP, it is necessary it to try (to invest $20, for example) and to perform all operations (input, a conclusion, accumulation) with this money.

As you understood, even successful experience of investment of other people is not an indicator of your success yet.

I wish you successful investment!