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How to create the blog on the WordPress platform? Many of you, probably, heard

about the free WordPress platform. Perhaps, even tried to create the blog on it cursor but having been frightened of difficulties with installation and control, decided to refuse this idea. Absolutely in vain, it is enough to deal with this platform - it is simple that I also am going to prove to you. But at first I offer you the history of acquaintance to WordPress.

Before opening the blog, I asked a question too: where and how to make it? After long studying of the market, I stopped on the WordPress platform on a paid hosting.

I will not hide, first there were many difficulties and obstacles: lack of experience in programming, lack of time, work, holiday etc. But now everything rose on the places, there is a normal working process what I am inexpressibly glad to. And I do not regret at all that my choice fell on WordPress. With a cursor it is happy, moreover: developers do not cease to surprise with new, convenient lotions in the administrator - panels which appear nearly in each updating of a cursor. Updating comes out approximately once a month.

As for the administrator - panels, here everything is made conveniently and clear, on development of its opportunities you will not need a lot of time and big intellectual efforts. Without having initial knowledge in html, you will be able quite to cope with the main functions of a cursor: to create headings and pages, to insert images, audio-and video files, and the most important - to publish the articles. It is also the main objective of any blog.

Believe, that you do not to the full extent use functionality, nobody will condemn you. Interesting and useful content will fill your gaps in programming. Though I will not hide, when forming the blog questions will arise with regular frequency. It is normal. It should not frighten you and the more so to stop, as we know, any beginning is difficult. Besides answers to the most part from them you will be able to find user supports of the Russian WordPress at a forum.

If all - you do not find the answer to the question, and it can occur at desire to expand possibilities of the blog then it is necessary to ask for the help programmers. It is possible to make it on the websites of freelancers of which in the RuNet it is enough. Your problem can be solved for only 3 - 10 dollars.

Well, and most often questions of functionality can be closed by installation of this or that plug-in.

A plug-in - independently compiled program module dynamically connected to the main program (in this case to WordPress) intended for expansion and/or use ee opportunities.

At the moment for WordPress more than 9000 plug-ins which most part can be downloaded on the website of support of the Russian WordPress exist. It is simple to come to conclusion that for the solution practically of any task on the blog there will be the plug-in.

It is very simple to establish and activate them. Though control of some plug-ins requires knowledge of the same html. To save itself from excess expenses, I recommend to study at least its bases. It will take no more than a week of your precious time. As a result, you gain knowledge which will give you a free hand and will facilitate work.

So, you are ready to create the autonomous blog? Yes! Then forward!

For a start it is necessary to choose a domain name and a hosting for your future blog. Then it is possible to start procedure of downloading to WordPress cursor server. It is possible to download the latest version of this CMS on the website of support of the Russian WordPress.

After you downloaded WordPress archive, you need to do a number of the following actions:

1. Unpack archive in the separate folder.

2. Open the wp file - config - sample. php text editor, for example, Notepad program ++. It can be downloaded on the Internet, in free access. Do not use for this purpose a simple Notebook! Fill in data for connection to the MySQL database. You can receive them at your hoster. Change a file name to wp - config. php also keep it in the same directory.

3. Adjust FTP - connection with your virtual server (this that disk space which to you was provided by the hosting company). How to make it? For this purpose any file manager, for example, of Total Commander will be required. Open the program and pass on the " tab; To Connect to FTP - the server

Further press a button To Add . The " window will open; The FTP Control - the " connections; where you need to enter the following:

Heading: any value clear to you.

Server name: you will find it in the administrator - panels of your hosting.

Account and password: it is data which you used for registration of the account on a hosting.

It is not necessary to fill anything any more! We press OK .

4. In a window To Connect with: there was a heading of your FTP - connection. We choose it, we press the " button; To Connect . Then you will come on the server if of course you connected the Internet. We find the daddy Public_html we open it and we fill in contents of the unpacked archive there.

5. In the browser open php. It has to adjust the tables necessary for the blog. If there is a mistake, then check your wp file - config. also try php again.

6. The password is given you in the course of installation.

7. Further the setup will send you to the page of an entrance. Enter with the user name of admin and the password generated for you in an installation time.

8. You will appear in the administrator - panels of your blog. Here you will be able to change design of the blog, to add article, to activate plug-ins. In a word, completely to operate the blog. It is simple to deal with it, you will be able to be convinced of it soon.

9. After you will make the first settings, to you, certainly, it will want to look at the creation. For this purpose at the upper left there is a " button; Viewing of the website .

I hope, following my advice, you will be able to do these simple actions and to create the first blog. I wish you successful travel in a blogosphere. New opening and successful decisions!