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Confidential Svami . Exposure of the myth?

B 1997 in Australia on national television in the " program; 60 MINUTES the documentary " was for the first time shown; Confidential Svami .

Each of us wishes to live happy life, to meet love, to establish a family. Whether but much of us it is possible to reach the desirable? What our satisfaction or dissatisfaction with life, our success or a failure depends on? In what meaning of life of separately taken personality and all mankind in general? Each of us throughout life asks these questions.

Search of truth is especially individual, it is long and difficult. As wise men speak - losers most cleverly argue on success secrets... Each person has the way, the teachers and mentors who become to idols and a role model.

Documentary Confidential Svami about one of such teachers. Sri Sathya Sai Baba is the biggest spiritual leader of India having up to 30 million followers on the globe. He is called the envoy Boga on the earth and the Avatar. In Hinduism the word avatar (sanskr. niskhozhdeniye ) it is reserved for god Vishnu who is regularly coming down to Earth in various appearances. Vishnu appears on Earth when it is threatened by danger of death. The avatar descends from the highest world in the lowest, and upon termination of educational mission continues the way on other worlds.

Movie Confidential Svami - it is critical material about Sai Baba`s claims on divinity. Mission of a present avatar lands the facts. Thanks to Sai Baba`s activity travel business in India prospers. The most part of tourists travels to India that though from a distance to see the teacher, to transfer to his weather gods letters of friends and family with hope for bright future. Many dream to touch Avatar feet. And all wait for a materialization miracle, on belief of followers - special gift of Sai Baba, svideteslstvuyushchiya about his divine origin. From the usual village of Puttaparti expands to the city with powerful infrastructure and trade business. For India it is the good income.

Heroes of the movie expose the former teacher, giving it impartial shape. On its background that huge terrible wild boar into whom on giving god Vishnu turned once to rescue the earth, just an angel. Sai Baba`s pupils accuse him of fraud, participation in murders of the former pupils and sexual abuses. Certificates of the people personally injured by Sai Baba are submitted. Author of the movie Tanya Deta.

I think, there will be many defenders and even open haters of creators of the movie - destroyers of the myth about God in a human appearance! However, the envoy Boga who is most esteemed around the world on the earth, is turned into the ordinary sexual pervert abusing the power and trust of people.

I analyze the evidence of revelations, involuntarily you ask questions. Why there are a lot of Sai Baba`s followers around the world? Why people became his followers and so blindly worship the teacher? Why educated people do not understand that performed by any miracles the Effect of placebo works. When under the influence of internal beliefs abilities of people become more active. In each person there is something from the wizard. Why much need influence from outside? But tricks of the conjurer there was a latest of what pulls people to Sai Baba. Perhaps, their aspiration to sacred belief creates success of a new Avatar?

Because not according to the person judge him, but on his affairs . Especially, so far as concerns the Deity. The true deity even in the millennia keeps the sanctity. For example, in the Santyagsky cathedral of the Spanish Galicia St. Jacob`s remains, the pupil Christ were based. In the 10th century the Arab leader of al - Mansour took Galicia and destroyed everything. Except remains of the Saint!

The person can shift the problems to someone who on his belief is stronger, cleverer, wiser. It was and will be always because it is more difficult for person to look for a support in himself. It is easier for it to shift responsibility to the authoritative personality. And still the person hardly accepts the Divine. The Person extols God as Ubiquitous, Omniscient and All-powerful, but does not notice his Presence at himself! Purity of heart, mind and consciousness are important for development more, than meditation, repetition of a name and worship. Divine life does not allow any spots in character or delusions in mind . Statements are taken on the website, and are submitted to the devoted Sai Baba as his revelation. Perhaps, Sai Baba too difficult to judge him human laws. And still, do not create to yourself an idol!

All history of revelations of Sai Baba reminds the fairy tale Emerald city where Goodwin - the great and awful wizard declared himself the magician and the new governor of the Green country. Long years he fooled people by the miracles. The young actor by the name of James Goodwin managed to outwit angry koldun to Gingem and Bastindu and to become the Great and Awful governor of the Emerald city. And what to tell about the simple people who are looking for spiritual support?

We will remember a school course of social science. Section: Role of the personality in the history . Each historic figure is result of public consciousness. The significant personality appears as requirement of society. On belief of those 30 million followers, Sai Baba`s activity is directed to association of all religions. Perhaps, it is worth listening? Whether not here rational grain and requirement of modern society is covered?

Confidential Svami not only critic Sai Baba. The movie about need to protect psychological health of children. The fanaticism is dangerous. The son of heroes of the movie, many years, being exposed to sexual harassments of Sai Baba, was afraid to admit to parents. The poor guy hid own sufferings. He thought that if parents learn the truth, they will turn away from the son, actually they pushed the son in hands of their idol. Educated, wealthy spouses addressed Sai Baba for belief and force in which as it seemed to them, they needed. As a result created illusion of belief. And only the tragedy with the son showed that the belief is in them, but not outside. Revelation of the son helped parents to open eyes on their delusions and fanatical belief. Parents managed to hear the son, trust of relatives - an important part of the life. The family became solid, in it values changed! They lost the teacher, but found much more. Parents became support to the son, having found own support. They could overcome borders, having seen other party of their ideals, having won against itself.

Variety is the spice of life and moderation in all things (A variety - spice of life and restraint in all things), - British say. Confidential Svami helps to see the world more widely. Helps to understand that the person you bear in the consciousness, sees in world around and attracts to itself.