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Belorechensk - the place of a fork of a set of tourist routes of

Belorechensk - the city of regional subordination in Russia, an administrative center of Belorechensky district and Belorechensky city settlement of Krasnodar Krai.

according to population census of 2008, the population makes 54. 1 thousand people.

the City is located on the river White in the foothills of Greater Caucasus Range.

To the second half of the 19th century on the place of the city was the Adyghe (Circassian) settlement of Shitkhala.

Shytkhyal - the modern name of Belorechensk in the Adygei language.

In the city the chemical and food industry, production of building materials, the woodworking industry is developed.

the Most part of the population - Russians (65%). Also other people live: Armenians (25%), Adyghe, Meskhetian Turks, Kurds, Yazidi.

The main property of the city of Belorechensk is its nature. In the area tourism is quite not bad developed.

the Main tourist place is the Hadzhokhsky tesnina. The best-known and mysterious place of Hadzhokh is a tesnina. The local sight is known not only to each resident of Belorechensk, but also is far beyond its limits. This surprising miracle of the nature attracts numerous tourists the originality, improbable magic beauty and by force. In the people the Hadzhokhsky tesnina has one more name - simply Noise . For long centuries of the stormy life the river White sawed through a half-kilometer narrow corridor in the monolithic rock. From above the gorge is imperceptible: its width in some places only 2 - 3 meters, but depth - from 20 to 40 meters. Length of a canyon reaches 450 - 500 meters. On the most part of its extent the river without restraint rushes between steep rocky coast. Around a tesnina trees grow, there are settlement lodges, and only the low roar of storming water gives this miracle of the nature.

During visit of a tesnina of people feels inexplicable feeling. Everyday life leaves, moves away, and contemplation of a canyon enters into a condition of an easy trance, in the head the thoughts unusual are born earlier. All this because here the powerful power which does not have analogs. The power boiling in the tesnena involuntarily causes awe and nervousness before an unrestrained force of nature. In the period of a flood when numerous inflows begin to feed plentifully the river with additional water, it rises to 20 meters in height, the detonation from the enraged river shakes neighboring houses, its rumble and a roar is carried by a many-tier echo on the gorge. In vicinities there is no place more terribly during this period. The Hadzhokhsky tesnina is on the southern suburb of the settlement. Here the small road on which other side there is not sick Stella with the name " departs from the main route to the right; Hadzhokhsky tesnina . The road crosses the gorge on the small bridge.

On this unique nature sanctuary settles down turistsko - an excursion complex with the name of the same name. Near it the equipped asphalted platform for motor transport, shop, cafe.

One more fascinating place of Belorechensk - the Goncharsky Arboretum.

All this beauty is located in only 15 km from Belorechensk. Administratively the item of Gonchark belongs to the Republic of Adygea. But to us it is not important. Important: existence of quite large arboretum, a big pond with islands in it and of course, existence of stones of a bizzare shape of the items which are taken out to Soviet period from the area Kamennomostsky (Hadzhokh) for decoration of park.