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What is the blog and why it is necessary.

Very often ask me the same question What is the blog and what its appointment? I heard it is possible to earn from it and how? In what a difference between the blog and the website?

There is nothing difficult in these questions, now I will paint everything.

The website, the blog, a forum, the Internet - the shop is representation someone or something on the Internet , i.e. in general this same only in different forms and everyone with the features.

In what feature of the Blog and for what it is necessary?

To destination Blogs can be divided into 5 types:

1. Personal blog.

2. Specialized or Professional blog.

3. Image blog.

4. The blog for news.

5. Non-standard Blog.

We will consider all types one after another.

1. Personal blog.

is an analog of the personal diary - a notebook. This blog contains records about the events happening to his author. Headings of publications in it look approximately so - I Want to buy the Camera - on what to stop?... Went to the Sauna yesterday - very much it was pleasant etc.

Usually keep such Blogs for themselves or for a limited circle of friends . Attendance of such blog - the author and his friends.

But there are exceptions among Personal blogs is musicians, actors, politicians , generally the famous people who also interestingly write. Such blog can be visited ooooochen to many people which the author does not even know. You can find examples of such blogs in the Internet, having gathered star blogs .

Generally personal blogs are had by on the services providing free services such as - LiveJournal or just LJ.

2. Specialized or Professional blog.

the Expert in any branch can get the specialized blog. For example the person is engaged professionally cultivation and care of small doggies, type pinschers, Yorkshire terriers etc. This person knows about them everything - what to feed with how to look after what devices to buy and what are ill how to treat. Such blog can be interesting to to a large number of people , both to pros, and fans who only got to themselves a small miracle.

Often on similar blogs many people come to whom this subject is interesting and they read publications , leave comments and give a reason to reflection of the author over new subjects.

Gaining steam by the number of visitors, such blog begins to bring money to the owner. The profit arises due to sale of the spaces and at the expense of contextual advertizing such as of Google Adsense I of Yandeks Direkt . It is also possible to advertize any products, on subject of the blog, on partner conditions.

As a result, the specialized blog turns into additional source of the income , and in a consequence and into a primary activity and the income. In the western countries of the People having similar blogs there is a lot of, but since the CIS countries now promptly develop, soon and we will have many Bloggers .

For example: The professional in the branch from Austria is Darren Rous, lives only at the expense of the blogs and not bad lives!!! Look at the top right corner of the blog - on updating of the blog signed more than 300. 000 people, are tremendous popularity and respectively and money of :)

3 too. Image blog. Similar blogs are created by

for untwisting of image some person, or the company. For example my Blog - image, such format is convenient for my kind of activity and search of partners for business, i.e. on it it is possible to find any subtleties and cunnings connected with my subject, namely of MLM with the help the Internet and business in the Internet .

On such blogs authors impart personal experience with readers and r are askryvat by problems which already also solutions which already were found faced. It is an excellent way to untwist a name of the Author of the blog and at the same time to help people who will become regular readers and further partners or regular customers.

4. The blog for news.

is the commonwealth of authors who write in a certain subject, for example In total about policy in Honduras. . Every day they spread on several records, than and collect a certain readership. Readers can be brought together much if authors write sensible publications and there is even a probability to become the main the center of news in the chosen subject.

Having untwisted the similar blog , i.e. having taken many readers, authors can undertake monetization (earnings of money) it, i.e. to put banners, a contextual advertizing, partner programs , generally everything that brings in the income .

5. Non-standard blogs. generally blogs are created by

on a cursor of WordPress (free services it is not counted since on them it is only possible to be trained).

WordPress - very flexible in control and on it can create any types of blogs. And the Internet there are blogs - shops, photoblogs, blogs - catalogs, blogs - the diaries etc. created on this cursor.

If you read up to this place, then you most likely have a question - And How to create the blog ?

The technology of creation is already separate subject for the publication , but now I can precisely tell - of WordPress is the leader in creation of blogs already long ago. If you decide to create the blog, then I advise this cursor.

I wish to be defined what type of the blog and with what subject you want to create. I gave the basic concepts of blogging in this publication. Business in you. :)