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Whether it is possible to learn English free of charge?

Of course, English is necessary to not everyone as air. But not the secret that the better you know it, the more opportunities before you opens. You can make friends what want (but not to be limited only to a circle of people, able poorly - to express poorly in Russian), to go to travel where want (and not just there where there is a Russian-speaking guide), to find work in the organization working with partners worldwide (and it is usually higher compensation, more interesting work).

But as the known saying says - it is necessary to pay for everything. If not money - that diligence, by efforts, time, convenience or something else. As in what quantity you agree to spend receiving as a result knowledge of English? How to find optimum for itself price ?

As for money - we pay to them attention most of all. We often consider this resource more valuable. Of course! It is easy to feel or count money, it is difficult to earn them, but they very quickly disperse. Having saved, it is possible to spend them for favourite pleasures. For this reason people can so wish sometimes free services or to make plans how to receive result with the smallest monetary expenditure.

It is such attractive idea - to study free of charge! Whether it is possible? Some speak - yes! Let`s look.

Option first - student`s

Who does not know

how students are inventive! People, quite vigorous and still not beaten by life look at everything more simply, more cheerfully, are steady against high loadings, are often unpretentious in life and not having the overestimated requirements yet. If there is a chance instead of payment of a course to fulfill it, performing some work (we quite often see the young people distributing at the subway of a reklamka, for example), will not disdain, will make and with pleasure will go to study. However, if to think over a situation, then it is clear it is visible that simply one point of an exchange is not from the known formula goods here - money - goods: service directly changes on service or payment for work is right there listed as payment for training. The way, actually, is conditionally - free.

Option second - you go " more quietly;

This option for those to whom English, it seems, is also necessary, but does not burn . To whom is more important to save also who is ready to risk to study, using a set of the educational resources which are in open access. The fact that it is possible to find in a network so seductively dazzles with variety! Video, dictionaries, audio, grammatical reference books, councils skilled and beginning moreover all this in combination with marking - free of charge ! The temptation is very big!

However if you conduct small research or only remember own experience of independent occupations, then you will understand that this way of training - for the small minority from us having improbable persistence on achievement of the objectives. In a network it is even possible to meet belief that courses only for this purpose and are necessary to be incentive, whip for occupations.

The way of such independent training assumes also that you are able to study, know where to find the necessary training materials, and also answers to the questions which are permanently arising when studying new field of knowledge. So in this case for free of charge it is necessary to pay off often with own headache - if not in direct, then figuratively. Not everyone maintains such mode. You go more quietly - not the fact that you will reach. Eventually the way all the same comes to an end with the road on courses. Not only from - for the described obstacles. But also and therefore that there comes once day when there is already a wish to apply the knowledge, to talk to somebody. And to talk - that and there is nobody.

Option third - have no hundred rubles

I all - as it is pleasant when is to whom to talk! Well not the century to sit at boring textbooks and to doldonit all these awful rules! Eventually - for what we study? To communicate! To exchange ideas! So why not to unite with other same persons interested? But if to create association of fans that is big risk to infect others with the mistakes and to pick up a virus of others speech and grammatical mistakes. The teacher or the knowing person is necessary Hm looks like courses!.

However, sometimes organizing abilities are rewarded. For example, on an English course in Applied Education there is a program: if you bring the friend, then receive a discount. Having given enough friends on training, you can make own training free!

Really, around there will always be a two-three of friends or acquaintances who want to learn English. And if to ask familiar acquaintances, then also the group will easily be gathered. Quite so also one of students on an English course made. Having brought together group of 11 people, it was trained absolutely free of charge! Searches of fellow students (those with whom it began training) took two weeks, and a week more left on record and organizational issues. It turns out, having set the purpose, it in three weeks was trained in English! Incredibly? But it is the fact! What

option to choose?

Everyone chooses by

own way. However we recommend that which in our opinion is the shortest and the most effective. In life there is so much interesting and besides English! Language is only means - to communicate with friends, to travel, work in the company of the international level

is not obligatory to spend for it essential part of the life. Therefore we recommend occupations on our course: intensively, with a large, huge number of trainings, for rather short term where, at all this, language practice begins with the first lesson. (If you do not believe that it is possible, it does not mean yet what so does not happen! Do not agree? You come, look.) If you spend less time, usually it is wrapped as well in economy of money. Yes, the sum spent in once can be higher, but if to count the general expenses, then the size of the saved means can pleasantly impress.

What decision you would not make, we wish you to achieve your objectives. And let your expenditure will not be excessive!